3 Ways Content Management Streamlines Supply Chain Operations


Over the last 100 years supply chain management has evolved from an initial focus on how to use mechanization (pallets and pallets lifts) to present day, when managing complex global networks is the new challenge. Customer and consumer expectations are rising fast and the need for more efficient supply chains becomes a must in customer satisfaction. Manufacturing companies must adapt quickly to the competitive landscape and an inefficient functioning supply chain that will impact the business is out of the discussion. Sending the products from Point A to Point B doesn’t seems so difficult at a first glance, but actually it requires a lot of planning and documentation.

A content management solution helps you automate invoice processing, contracts approval and other important processes related to shipping and receiving products. According to Deloitte, 79 percent of organizations with superior supply chain capabilities (“supply chain leaders”) achieve revenue growth that is significantly above average, so stop thinking and start acting.



Here are 3 benefits that a Content Management solution will bring to your Supply Chain Operations:


Find what you need in seconds, from any device

Finding the right information and document sometimes can be a real struggle. What is the last version of the file? Who has it? Where do I find it? Say goodbye to such questions with SEAL. You can forget about the traditional organization of documents. You can now store, find, reuse and share your valuable business documents using a variety of devices such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.


Increase efficiency

Efficiency is the key when working with multiple suppliers. Managing different types of documents from a large number of suppliers can be exhausting as it implies a lot of manual work and focus and can have an impact on the efficiency of the department. It’s time to automate the supplier management and order processing. With SEAL you can unleash the power of the information by streamlining the supply chain business processes.


Save money

Recreating lost documents can be very expensive and time consuming. Why waste precious time and money with unimportant and repetitive tasks? Implement SEAL, a very affordable solution comparing to traditional DMS/ECM applications and platforms that will help you lose the stress of loosing and re-creating important business documents.


For more information on how to streamline your Supply Chain processes access www.seal-online.com or write us at products@star-storage.ro.

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Stop COVID-19! Work DIGITAL with ZERO risks

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