9 ways to be more organized and productive at work with SEAL

Sometimes it can become a real challenge to search and find certain information among the hundreds of emails, documents, photos, contracts or records stored in physical and electronic archives, in order to quickly solve an office task.

Information and document management plays a crucial role in the life of any organization, and, if not managed carefully enough, it can lead to costly operations for more than one department. Documents that are not archived, transferred, indexed or secured can be lost or destroyed in time, thus leading to both informational and financial damages.

A solution to this common problem encountered by all of us in our professional life comes in the form of SEAL, a modern product developed by Star Storage for information archiving. SEAL is a solution for the conversion and management of physical and electronic archives throughout the company.

It is simple to see how SEAL can help you to become more efficient and productive in your daily tasks and in managing your office documents:

  1. You can scan (optical character recognition – unlimited OCR included), archive, classify, browse, search, access, view, share and manage all kinds of data and information, in a secure form and in a very short time frame, complying with both internal procedures within your organization, as well as with all regulations regarding the archiving documents;
  2. You have access from day one to an advanced system for the administration of the electronic archive that includes integrated tools to apply, validate and visualize electronic signatures using a qualified certificate for the construction of an electronic archive in accordance with existing legislation;
  3. Eliminate the risk of losing or destroying important documents;
  4. Electronically archived documents become immediately accessible for anyone in the company and are efficiently managed through a very easy-to-use interface, especially for users who do not have technical skills; you can define user groups, associating them with differentiated access rights, establishing policies for keeping and destroying documents, in accordance with the applicable legal regulations, thus allowing you be better prepared in the case of an audit;
  5. You can also send important information to colleagues from other departments or from outside the company (e.g. auditors, business partners), thus creating flexible ways of working and accessing information without losing control of the way in which the data is managed (since data never leaves SEAL);
  6. You gain strong decision-making support by quickly finding and accessing the information you need for your business processes;
  7. You can make the most of existing systems (ERP, BPM) within the company through their rapid integration using open standards (API REST and CMIS);
  8. You can replace the old and costly DMS/ECM document management systems by installing SEAL on-premises at your company, or you can opt for it as a cloud service (using our data centers). Therefore, not only you significantly reduce the costs of storing and managing the current document archive, but also free up IT resources for more productive tasks;
  9. You increase the efficiency and agility of the business, since SEAL is an affordable application (with a competitive price) that provides fast implementation, low maintenance costs, great user experience and it is available on both Android and IOS devices, leading to a quick adoption within your company.

For more details on how SEAL can help your company or if you are ready for a free demo, please contact us using the e-mail address seal@star-storage.ro.

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Stop COVID-19! Work DIGITAL with ZERO risks

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