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9 Years of being a Data Center provider

9 years ago we were opening the doors of our own Tier 3 Data Center, built according to the Uptime Institute specifications – the most representative institution in the field of data center construction and operation. The level represents the quality of the services we offer, proven year by year through a 100% availability of services provided to our clients, since the very beginning.
This and the certifications for “Accredited Tier Design” and “Accredited Tier Specialist” have positioned us in the market as one of the most trusted Data Center service providers.


The number of clients increased exponentially from year to year. Today we are happy to serve big clients from banking and utilities having their own room with own infrastructure hosted in our Data Center and dozens of customers from different industries who chose StarVault services.

In all these years of uninterrupted operation, we have been constantly concerned with the optimization and improvement of Data Center systems. One of the focus directions was energy efficiency. Thanks to the team of specialists with more than 20 years of experience in electrical and cooling systems, we have been able to gain the most efficient data center in Romania (Green Data Center – PUE 1.5, from 2.3 initially).


The Data Center is the heart of the most complete cloud service portfolio (public and private) we are offering to Romanian market for the last 5 years under the brand StarVault. Cloud computing is a fast way for IT specialists to reach their business goals. Whether they decide for Infrastructure as a Service (virtual or dedicated servers, enterprise cloud or virtual desktop), Software as a Service or data protection solutions (cloud back-up, Disaster Recovery), customers streamline their processes and get more time for their business needs.


Customers choose StarVault because they benefit not only of high availability (99.9%) guaranteed by a SLA but also of:

  • full integration – equipment hosting, 24/7 support, data communications services (StarVault Conectivity)
  • effective price model – fixed prices, scaled to used resources, no initial investments and installation
  • team of specialists with over 500 certifications
  • security guaranteed through its own Security Operations Center.


The StarVault data center, located in Bucharest, covers 1,200 square meters and consist of:

  • Reception area, where customers are registered and authenticated both biometric using a fingerprint and through SAS (the security door with double-authentication)
  • Telecom Providers Room – the StarVault Data Center is neutral, meaning that any customer can choose their national or international operator
  • Dedicated room for the fire extinguishing system
  • Dedicated room for Primary and Secondary Power Supply – including the UPS systems and diesel groups that provide the power supply for the entire Data Center
  • 6 computer rooms – racks with servers
  • Reception and cleaning area (dusting) for the equipment received from clients, with dedicated platform for handling the equipment.

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Stop COVID-19! Work DIGITAL with ZERO risks

Stop COVID-19! Work DIGITAL with ZERO risks

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ZERO-DISTANCE Business with
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