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A new level of productivity for companies through direct integration of SEAL with Microsoft Office and the new version of Microsoft Outlook Connector

Star Storage, a global technology provider developing and delivering state-of-the-art information protection and governance solutions, has launched a new version of SEAL product which allows customers to maximize the value of their investments made in the Microsoft Office / Office 365 suite.

Through direct integration with SEAL, Microsoft Office files can now be saved directly from the Microsoft Outlook interface for full protection and for later use in business processes.

In addition, the new SEAL version provides new capabilities for archiving emails directly from the Microsoft Outlook interface for unified information management with high impact on cutting operational costs, reducing compliance risks and increasing team productivity.


Thus, SEAL users can safely archive email content from Outlook (simple emails or with attachments, but also attachments individually) or Microsoft Word documents, allowing users to declare emails as business records, archiving them for retention according to internal policies and regulations, and their subsequent use in business processes.


By exporting documents directly from Microsoft Word, business processes based on documents are streamlined with business data permanently accessible and ready to be used easily in day-to-day workflows. In addition, their ingestion in an enterprise unified archive allows fast search and retrieval, reduces company exposure and ensures compliance with internal and external regulations leveraging permanently auditable processes.


We are constantly improving SEAL’s functionalities, as we want to respond to most of our customers’ needs, both in terms of compliance and productivity. Real business value relates to using information as part of daily business processes; it is not enough just to own and protect this information.


The new SEAL version integrates directly with the Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word interface, giving users instant access to archived emails without affecting editing, forwarding or moving them to other folders along with their associated attachments. Now organizations have a fast way to manage unstructured content with a unique set of rules for retention, classification (including GDPR compliance), and duplicates removal for both locally managed documents and emails with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint, and those managed in cloud through Office 365.”, declared Mr. Cătălin Păunescu, CEO of Star Storage.


With advanced metadata management functionalities, as well as search / retrieval included, managing and using unstructured content is now easier than ever. Advanced search criteria, multiple organizational and visualization perspectives, document collections for secure sharing can be quickly built directly by business users, without the intervention of IT department.


Thereby, at the organizational level, the client benefits not only from the protection of electronic records, reuse of digital information, safe sharing of electronic records, but also from compliance with legal requirements and GDPR.


For more details about SEAL visit www.seal-online.com

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Stop COVID-19! Work DIGITAL with ZERO risks

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