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Star Storage, Romanian top provider for storage, archiving and information management (data and documents) solutions, Outsourcing Data Center and Cloud services, launches the "I BELIEVE in ROMANIA" the social responsibility program. Within the program will be implemented several projects with the following themes: supporting and promoting the valuable Romanians, the elites, promoting Romanian intelligence by supporting students and young researchers who have an idea and want to put it into practice, promoting entrepreneurship and the people who have the ability to make things happen.

"I BELIEVE in ROMANIA" is a program of the Star Storage Foundation that was initiated by the Star Storage company in December 2012. This program was taken over by Star Storage Foundation in May 2013 when it was founded.


Initiative "I BELIEVE in ROMANIA" is a Star Storage social responsibility program, different from previous initiatives because the projects that will be implemented aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • awareness to the general public of the problem related to the waste of Romanian talents and negative effects on medium and long term;
  • change of mentality about supporting, promoting and developing the valuable Romanians;
  • find, encouragement, appreciation, support, promote and develop of exceptional Romanians; investing in the valuable Romanians and opening opportunities for them.

"Romania is a country blessed with true values and real talents waiting to come to light, to be found and recognized."I BELIEVE in ROMANIA" is Star Storage answer and reaction to the problems of the Romanian society, a society in which real values are more less visible and appreciated, a society of people pessimistic and without aspirations which, unfortunately, more and more have ceased to dream more and better.


It's about highly gifted childexceptional artistgolden athlete and about many others, and all of these examples, and others, are true national treasures that are wasted or from which benefit other Nations. There are so many outstanding Romanians who chose to leave the country, because foreign countries offered them what their own country has not been able to provide them. In other countries, this novel is highly appreciated and effort, endeavor, performance and passion are recognized at their true value.

Another problem of the Romanian society is that the Romanians have forgotten what it means to be romanian, what does it mean to be proud of what they are. Romanians are ashamed of that they are and to recognize their nationality, when traveling to another country or in front of strangers.


Because Star Storage is a 100% Romanian company and we pride ourselves with that, we consider that it is our duty to recognize the real Romanian values, so that above all are ours, are Romanians. Because only observing them and cherish them and we respect and we value ourselves.


But also because we want to prove that in Romania can achieve success and performance based on healthy principles: value, effort, honesty and integrity." said Catalin Paunescu, Managing Director Star Storage.


Star Storage sustained performance and has helped young valuable Romanians, getting involved in numerous projects of this kind, which include: The "Case Study" of the Bucharest VWI ESTIEM Student Association, The Program "Leaders School " of the Leaders Foundation the Program "Young Talents" of The Princess Margarita of Romania Foundation, as well as others, these are just among the most recent.


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