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I want to grow up

I want to grow up is a project destined to the fight against cancer and leukemia in children and teenagers. For the children with cancer and leukemia, Star Storage, together with the Association Noi Orizonturi Familia, developed the program "I want to grow up", meant to restore the right of Romanian children to benefit from the best treatment conditions.

Reason of the campaign

The project aims the improvement of hospital conditions for the patients of the Fundeni hospital - Oncopediatry ward, by renovating and upgrading the rooms, by supporting early and proper diagnosis, in order to establish an individual treatment, by purchasing the proper medical equipment. If diagnosed in its early stages, cancer can be cured. Within this ward, children with malignant tumors receive specific and palliative treatment. Children with cancer in different stages are admitted each year in the Pediatric Oncology Department for diagnosis and specific treatment, such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

In 2010, Star Storage and the Noi Orizonturi Familia Association, the wards, the procedure and bandage rooms, the play room and the sanitary blocks were renovated. Moreover, the department was provided with furniture and the necessary medical equipment.


For the year 2011-2012, Star Storage together with the Association Noi Orizonturi - Familia aim to improve the conditions in the molecular genetics laboratories for the acute leukemia diagnosis and for infections detection of the immunocompromised/transplanted patients, by procuring suitable medical equipment.


Moreover, we decided to purchase some of the essential components for the laboratory, such as the automated platform for the Zeiss microscope and the specific reagents needed for the implementation of new molecular biology analytical methods that are important for the detection, confirmation and monitoring of the minimal residual disease in children with acute leukemia. This allows patients classification into risk groups, contributing to the disease management improvement and important medical decision making on short and long term with the aim to increase survival in children with acute leukemia.

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