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The race for life must go on

Humanitarian campaign initiated by Star Storage and The Association Noi Orizonturi Familia

"The race for life must go on" is a campaign dedicated to fundraising for helping doctors, through high performant technologies, diagnose leukemia in children and teenagers and also in early detection of infection in immunosuppressed / transplanted patients.
For this bold aim is necessary state-of-the-art medical equipment and great improvements on the conditions the molecular genetics laboratories develop daily activities. The amounts for this dream to become true are achievable and the rate for children suffering or even dying from leukemia can be considerably decreased every year due to early discovery.

Over the last years, Star Storage has been dynamically involved in projects addressing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). They considered it their responsibility to the community in which they carry out their activity and to its members to initiate and develop projects and, most importantly, to give from the heart.

Noi Orizonturi Familia is a nonprofit Romanian association, whose purpose is to improve the life quality of the community members, especially those socially disadvantaged or those facing major obstacles in life.


In Romania, there are more than 5,000 children and adolescents diagnosed with leukemia and other cancers that are hospitalized and this number grows annually with around 500 cases. Many of these patients have socially disadvantaged backgrounds.

Current leukemia treatment strategy in pediatric patients requires not just drug therapy but also an early diagnosis, a thorough investigation of the genetic factors involved and a complex tracking strategy of the response to treatment.

Nowadays, the only way for Romanian patients suffering of acute leukemia (especially children and adolescents) to be correctly diagnosed and cured is to be diagnosed in hospitals abroad, with costs that exceed the financial possibilities of most individuals.


We can transform each case of leukemia from a tragedy into a disease that is treatable in a state hospital, with services available to all children and adolescents who need this treatment in Romania by collecting the amount of 150.000 EUR, necessary for the purchase of some key components and specific reagents for a state-of-the-art laboratory equipment at the Pediatry Section of Fundeni Clinical Institute. This laboratory is essential for an in-depth diagnosis and a fair treatment of these patients.


Cursa vietii trebuie sa continue! ("The race for life must go on")


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