CIOs, this is what you should do with your Data Center in 2019

Current situation and how the future looks like

With the explosion of data in the last years (90% of the entire data in the world was generated in the last 2 years), it has become critical for businesses to have in place a data center that can support their business needs.

Before getting deep in how to better manage large volumes of data, be cost efficient and have an unbreakable security, let’s take a look on how the next years will look like according to IDC’s paper – Data Age 2025. IDC says that given the actual growth of data, in 7 years, 60% of the world’s data will be created and managed by business, trend driven by the growth of Cloud, machine learning, Internet of Things and Mobile first.

That translates into the fact that organizations need to put together a very clear strategy on how to manage and secure the fast data expansion in order to leverage new business opportunities and deliver a superior customer experience.


Challenges of a CIO

Every CIO knows that having an in-house Data Center is a continuous challenge.

As the business needs are expanding, you need to start investing more and more in the equipment that is getting obsolete, in the space needed for expansion and organize on-going, time-consuming trainings for the IT personnel on new technologies. Over and above that, you need to have in place a faultlessly security and permanently keep up with the environmental compliance and regulations.

Who wants all these headaches? It’s time to choose a partner that can help you leave behind the hustle of managing an in-house Data Center and focus on more informed business decisions.



Top 3 benefits of Data Center outsourcing:


  • Unbreakable security – A mandatory feature when we are discussing about a Data Center is an unbreakable security. You don’t want to have your most important business data at risk, so that’s why choosing the provider that is having the best security in place is more than necessary. Your Data Center partner must offer a personal identification (ID, passport), biometric registration systems, video surveillance, centralized security management 24/7/365 and dedicated areas for equipment. Additional to these must-have security checks, your provider should also offer managed services – support for configuration, set up for the VPS, VPNs and permanent maintenance of the infrastructure that is hosted in the Data Center.


“Data security inside the Data Center is Star Storage’s main objective when it comes to hosting customer’s mission-critical applications and data. We are offering our clients a state-of-the-art equipment and qualified personnel that will help them meet their expanding needs” – Cosmin Tudor, CIO, Star Storage



  • 24x7x365 Technical support – Having a dedicated IT team that can provide support to your Data Center 24×7; providing continuously trainings and retain the workforce translates into additional time and costs from your side and your teams. Leave that in the hands of the Data Center provider that will help you overcome these personnel challenges. Choose a provider that can offer you specialists with  certifications and expertise in systems and technologies used to keep a Data Center compliant with the market requirements.


  • Decreased risk of downtime – According to a latest study, 93% of enterprises that suffered from a data center down time for more than 10 days, filed for bankruptcy within a year. By outsourcing your Data Center you can avoid the exposure of the company to internal and external risks. Choose a provider that has processes in place that can help your organization stay competitive, compliant and reliable on the market. Keep in mind that your Data Center provider should offer 99.9 availability for your data and experienced engineers that can step in immediately in case of an unexpected situation.


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Stop COVID-19! Work DIGITAL with ZERO risks

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ZERO-DISTANCE Business with
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