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BRD Pensions runs daily activities easier with the Digital Office solution

BRD Pensions (BRD Societate de Administrare a Fondurilor de Pensii Private S.A) is a subsidiary of BRD - Groupe Société Générale and Sogecap, whose main business is managing pensions funds (private pensions, 2nd and 3rd pillars).BRD Pensions runs investment products that help customers to build a carefree future.

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BRD Pensions was looking for a document management integrated solution. The ideal solution had to answer the permanent users’ needs for better document organization, fast access to big volumes of documents and customers’ folders, compliance with national legislation, increased security and paperless office benefits.


The solution had to answer also to another important need of BRD Pensions: to allow the export of documents and their metadata in a secure environment and in a specific format requested by the reporting to the Financial Supervisory Authority and by any Legal auditors.

Star Storage delivered an integrated document management solution available in Cloud as software as a service (SaaS). The solution is based on the state-of-the–art products for increasing business productivity like ERA (Electronic Registration and Archiving), SEAL (Secure Electronic Archive Library), and ARSEC.


To meet customer’s challenge it was needed a main workflow process. With ERA, BRD Pensions was able to assign an unique registration number for incoming, internal and outgoing papers, and documents were ID registered providing an unique bar code identifier applied on each document. Then, physical documents were transferred from BRD Pensions locations to Star Storage’s warehouse (transportation services being included), prepared for digitization, scanned and index with main metadata - different type of documents that appear in the Archive Nomenclature.


All electronic document are then uploaded and stored in SEAL, an unified management of physical and electronic archives, benefiting from a complete solution for centralizing, managing and archiving the entries of the company either on paper or electronic.  BRD Pensions streamlined their business processes by optimizing the way of managing and archiving documents within the company.


„Being a long-term investing service, our clients need fast access and life guaranties for their personal amounts accumulated in the pension account. Implementing digital office technologies for better organizing  our clients folders and obtain fast and secure access to our archived data, are essential conditions for us to grow client’s confidence in our services. The processing is highly secured, ensuring us that personal data protecion is safetly kept, in compliance with all regulatory frameworks.  In the same time, a paperless office helps us to reduce physical documents  workloads and operational costs, allowing us to better invest in our services quality”Raul Demeter, Chief Operations Officer at BRD Pensions.


Once physical documents were integrated in the electronic archive (SEAL), they are delivered Star Storage warehouse to be archived in boxes by a qualified personnel, in compliance with national regulations and Law 135 / 2000 for physical documents archiving.


To have a clear overview of every box and document registered in the warehouse, Star Storage uses ARSEC application to manage the input/output of all documents within the warehouse. Due to ARSEC, BRD Pensions users can open orders and request their documents.

  • Paperless office and business processes;
  • Huge savings of operational costs associated to physical documents;
  • Manage valuable business content easier - better organization of documents into electronic and physical archives;
  • Fast access for employees to big volume of documents that flows in the operational processes directly from their computer;
  • Fast access to the customers documents folders and quick answer to their needs;
  • Secure large volumes of data and documents assuring compliance and safely share them within the company;
  • Automation of retention and compliance policies, ensuring legal, regulatory and industry compliance;
  • High physical and electronic document accessibility level;
  • Professional physical records management services (including documents preparation for archiving, storage and retrieval services);
  • Better conservation and storage of physical documents in a modern high qualified warehouse;
  • Quick access to archived physical documents and data access request to all indicated users;
  • Secured availability for electronic document storage/archive delivered from Star Storage Tier 3 Data Center with a SLA for document access of 99,982% and 7/7 help desk support and IT solution maintenance.

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Stop COVID-19! Work DIGITAL with ZERO risks

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