CEZ Romania Chooses SEAL for Content Management Modernization

CEZ Romania chooses SEAL as a state-of-the-art solution for archiving documents according to the law, compliance with GDPR and SAP content archiving

The CEZ Group is one of the well-established energy leaders operating in Western, Central and South-Eastern European countries, as well as in Turkey. Headquartered in the Czech Republic, CEZ Group produces, distributes and sells electricity and heat, natural gas and is also involved in mining, being present in countries such as Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, France, Turkey, Poland and Slovakia.

CEZ was using 9 years old IBM FileNet document archiving application with high maintenance costs. The current solution did not offer functionalities for complying with the mandatory GDPR requirements of May 25, 2018 or for long-term archiving with retention of documents according to the archiving law.

Given that the current application did not allow integration with the SAP platform, extremely expensive licenses should have been purchased for each user who should have accessed the documents generated by SAP.

Also, the organization wanted the unitary management of both the physical and electronic archives as well as the management of the input / output flows of the documents in the organization and the possibility to access any type of document from the mobile equipment.

CEZ Romania has outsourced the archiving services in physical format of its own documents, as well as the document conversion services in electronic format (scanning, indexing and electronic archiving) to the provider of archiving solutions and services - Star Storage.

Within the electronic document archiving solution based on SEAL - the latest generation platform for unified content management and electronic archiving, an electronic document management application was delivered from the connection files of CEZ clients (contracts / additional, ATRs, personal files / payment statements, etc .), developed and implemented by Star Storage.

In addition to the documents from the historical archive of CEZ, as well as those from the archive that are currently created in the process of preparing the connection files of CEZ customers, in the electronic archive were archived various other internal documents used within the organization. .

The documents of CEZ clients archived in electronic format also contain sensitive metadata, such as personal data and commercial and technical data that are confidential within the organization. With the help of advanced security policy and rules management functionalities, specific processes have been successfully implemented throughout the organization that ensure controlled and permanently auditable access to documents, depending on the rights and access groups for compliance with internal and external regulations, industry-specific, including GDPR regulations.

An essential component of the solution was the one related to the archiving of SAP data in the SEAL platform. This has reduced the size of the SAP database, improving the overall performance of SAP and freeing up valuable IT resources with direct implications for reducing the costs associated with SAP infrastructure. Now the data is stored in SEAL but can be displayed directly in the SAP interface, thus improving the standard archiving of SAP data and the user experience through the access of non-SAP users to a simple but extremely powerful interface.


Advanced functionalities for unified content management at the organization level:

  • Archiving and governance of documents with sensitive data, with strong security policies, classification, navigation, search and retrieval, viewing, sharing;
  • GDPR compliance: control, protection and security of sensitive documents and data, including personal data
  • Storage of documents with retention management and archival nomenclatures according to the legal requirements, reports and advanced audit trail;
  • Unified archive management, using the same interface to manage  both electronic and the physical archives ;
  • Archiving SAP files (ADK files) from any suite of SAP business applications, to reduce the footprint of the SAP database, allowing for increased system performance and optimization of the dedicated SAP infrastructure.
  • Eliminating the problems associated with the lack of storage space and the low performance caused by the large volume of transactions with old data;
  • Fulfilling the legal requirements regarding data storage/archival;
  • Facilitating the implementation of policies for the preservation and controlled destruction of business records;
  • Integration through native connectors with specialized storage solutions for retained and unalterable content, Object Storage / WORM storage (Hitachi Content Platform, EMC ECS);
  • Ergonomics and excellent user experience, who have access to data both in the desktop version and from mobile devices (smartphones or tablets), leveraging dedicated mobile clients;
  • Flexibility in choosing the implementation method: On-Premise version as well as in the Cloud (public - eg MS Azure or private), with multi-tenant capabilities;
  • Increased efficiency by viewing documents directly in the application leveraging an integrated document viewer that can display any type of document
  • Transform paper documents into easy-to-manage electronic content with the StarCapture Desktop document and data capture application that includes an unlimited OCR license;
  • A new level of productivity based on the strength of metadata - users have the opportunity to create their own "search perspectives" due to the search / retrieval system of "discovery-centric" information (compared to Filenet or Documentum which have a system rigid and cumbersome folder tree search);
  • Cost predictability - licensing model with unlimited number of users;

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