CEZ Romania Chooses SEAL for Content Management Modernization

CEZ Chooses SEAL for Unified Content Management, Modernization & Automation

CEZ, one of the well-established energy leaders in Europe, chooses SEAL to unlock information trapped in IBM FileNet legacy ECM and automate business processes achieving operational efficiency, cost optimization and smarter utilization of IT resources while boosting application’s archive usage and ensuring GDPR compliance.
  • CEZ aims to migrate the legacy ECM system based on IBM FileNet, both the objectstore and the workplace application, to SEAL, a next generation enterprise content and automation platform;
  • The goal is to replace an old and cumbersome platform with a new and innovative system, with a modern interface, easy to configure and manage;
  • Increase user productivity stalling due to poor user experience of the legacy IBM FileNet (old interface, lack of mobile interface, poor functionalities);
  • Reduce high costs associated with IBM FileNet development and maintenance (licensing and technical support);
  • Reduce SAP operational costs and application footprint with SAP content offloading and archiving;
  • Ensuring traceability for requests and compliance with the response times (SLA) assigned at the registration level;
  • Comply with the new GDPR requirements (sensitive customer data associated with connections files) and enhance security policies for data access (confidential commercial and technical data);
  • Enforce an advanced records management with file plan, compliant long-term retention and legal holds as standard;
  • Unified hybrid content archiving and governance;
  • Mitigate the lack of technical personnel for custom functionalities development on the existing legacy ECM and reduce the technical pressure on the internal ICT personnel.

SEAL as a unified enterprise long-term archive/content repository, with advanced functionalities for document management, automation and business process management, SAP content offloading and active archiving, records management, digital mailroom, reporting and management of all the electronic documents related to customers engagement (power supply contracts and invoices, new grid connection documents), HR and personal payroll files, field assets and technical documentation management, etc. Our solution enabled the organization to store fixed content data more cost efficiently and boost core business applications and business user performance while maintaining the ability to quickly and permanently access business data for day-to-day business activities.

  • Unlock information trapped in IBM FileNet legacy ECM by leveraging SEAL advanced content migration & legacy application decommissioning capabilities to assure smooth transition and no business disruption;
  • Cost cutting for licensing and technical support associated with IBM FileNet platform by deploying a best-in-class records management solution with affordable prices compared to old school ECM solutions and unlimited number of users if needed;
  • Increased operational efficiency by deploying digital workflows for mailroom and correspondence management and a unified view over the business records leveraging powerful integration capabilities with the existing line-of-business applications using open standards (CMIS) and powerful REST APIs;
  • Boost user productivity with rapid adoption from day one - powerful but simple user interface, optimized for mobility, integrated OCR and document viewer, discovery-centric with unlimited navigational perspectives vs. the rigidity of IBM FileNet;
  • Empower collaboration while keeping information control thanks to document collections, smart folders and time-boxed security;
  • Enforce GDPR compliance and intelligent content governance in a highly regulated environment to comply with legal and industry specific requirements;
  • Reduced company exposure and mitigated security risks with dynamic security enforcement - powerful and flexible security rules based on metadata; built-in user management, LDAP authentication; security enforcement using access control lists, policies, security / classification levels; AES content encryption;
  • Reduced existing applications footprint, smarter utilization of IT resources and leaner systems, while boosting application’s archive usage;
  • Freedom of choice for public cloud (from Azure) or private cloud deployment and extension leveraging multi-tenant capabilities for cost cutting and rapid on boarding- adoption.

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