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Electrica - Integrated information management

"Integrated" is the key word that best describes the solution chosen by Electrica.This solution stands on five great pillars, offering the beneficiary not just a modern infrastructure, but also cost reduction efficiency and a faster access to a huge data volume.

This solution stands on five great pillars:

1. Electronic archiving for the document conversion, from hard copy to electronic format

2. Access to the electronic archive (both document archive and email messages)

3. Data processing and storage services

4. Data and application recovery in case of system failure

5. Information management applications and solutions: Electronic Registry, Contracts Management, Personnel Files Management

At a software solution level, these applications integrate with the ERP (SAP) system or other Electrica specific operational systems.


Both the customized software solutions (Enterprise Content Management category) and the other elements totally rely on the infrastructure services available in the StarVault Data Center.

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