Next Generation Field Services with StarCapture Anywhere

ENGIE Chooses StarCapture Anywhere for Customer Field Services and Operations Digitalisation

ENGIE, a top multinational utility company with key businesses in distribution and supplying of gas, renewable energy and customer services, substantially reduces the duration and costs associated with providing services to its customers, unleashing the entire potential of a digital and mobile front-end interface and a full paperless process origination solution, while enforcing best-in-class unified information governance and compliance.
  • Customer field services activity digitization and process automation – digitization of the documents that are the object of the field activity and process automation (workflows and automated business rules and processes);
  • Mobility on the front-end - a native mobile solution, able to also work offline, for capturing photos, videos and collecting the information needed to generate specific process-related documents;
  • E-Signature support on the field and in the back-office - capturing simple signatures (hand-written and electronic signatures) from customers and from back-office personnel, during activities and communication with contractors;
  • Unified, compliant digital asset collection integrated with the core enterprise systems (including SAP).
  • StarCapture Anywhere – a simple-to-use solution designed for business users that reduces substantially the duration and costs associated with the process origination and customer interaction, through the use of digital processes, by automatic and manually data capture, generation of documents based on templates and the use of electronic signature to unleash the full potential of a digital front-end and full paperless process origination.
  • As a multi-channel solution, designed to provide services regardless of customers location (in-branch, mobile or remote), StarCapture Anywhere covers all usage scenario: Web application, Mobile (allows off-line/disconnected use) and Desktop client.
  • Leveraging open architecture, the solutions was deployed with out-of-the-box integrations with multiple core business applications of ENGIE Services (SAP ERP & ISU, GMC Inspire, Ortec Service Planning, EMASS, ECM) to enforce advanced records management and a unified information governance across the entire organization.
  • Cost cutting through digitization comparing with the current paper-based process;
  • Increased operational efficiency through automation and business processes standardization throughout the company, by deploying digital workflows in a paper-free front-end environment and leveraging full paperless process origination;
  • Diminishing the effort of the operational staff, mitigating operational risks generated by human errors, due to smooth integrations with core systems for data retrieval purposes, reducing the complexity and duration associated with filling in the data in the documents;
  • Increasing the services quality, satisfaction and engagement of end-customers by reducing the time allocated to the completion of the documents;
  • Full tracking of the in-field personnel activities, including KPIs reports for individual activity;
  • Boost field workers productivity with rapid adoption from day one - powerful but simple user interface, optimized for mobility, enhanced document generation functionalities based on predefined templates and e-signature support;
  • Enforce GDPR compliance and intelligent content governance in a highly regulated environment to comply with legal and industry specific requirements;
  • Reduced company exposure and mitigated security risks with fully auditable digital

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Stop COVID-19! Work DIGITAL with ZERO risks

Stop COVID-19! Work DIGITAL with ZERO risks

ZERO-DISTANCE Business with
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ZERO-DISTANCE Business with
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