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Whether it’s US, UK, Germany or Eastern Europe the trend is clear: governments encourage home care because it’s cheaper, more efficient, patients prefer it and lead to better results.


The customer aimed to develop a strategic project with radical changes in the area of managing patient services with the scope of increasing quality and accessibility of palliative care services to a bigger number of patients with life threatening conditions using web and mobile technology.


By adopting this system the patients care should be highly improved, but also money and specialized work-power (nurses, doctors) will be more effectively invested.

To meet customer’s challenges we provided a solution based on our own product STATUS developed for digital, mobile & connected healthcare.


Collaborative and secured healthcare - The system allows the long-term storage of medical data, and information specific to Hospices of Hope, in a safe, secure and easily accessible archive, redefining the way medical team work, collaborate on medical records and connect with their patients.


Patient e-Medical Wallet - Traditional (legacy) home care services burden the medical staff with paperwork, notes, etc. that are later on filling the patient paper folder.


In STATUS Patients are able to get their investigation results, consultation notes and prescription history in electronic forms in the Patient e-Medical Wallet, accessible at any time, from anywhere, on any device.


Patient engagement increased with Virtual Health Assistance provided through voice and video conference, enabling “Zero-Distance Healthcare”. By using voice or video conferencing capabilities, the nurse can communicate directly with the doctor or write comments about the state of the patient, comments that will be stored into the patient’s virtual file, available anytime, on any device.


After the evaluation, the doctor or the team at the headquarters recommends a set of resources that can be useful for the patient and made available for him/her.

  • Secure Electronic Medical Records management and long-term preservation;
  • Increased quality and accessibility of palliative care services to patients with life threatening conditions;
  • Better & faster access to medical care - patients are more and more familiar with digital devices and mobile communication and prefer digital communication (over 1100 patients in Romania have access to complex care, using mobile technology, and many more in other EE countries);
  • Better and faster decisions – based on a complete patient medical file / history;
  • More effective communication between patients and medical staff from Hospice;
  • Higher support for patients and families through self-care;
  • Increased patient access to medical data with enhanced mobile experience.


Interim results:

  • 127 HOSPICE professionals (doctors, nurses, social workers, psychologists, physiotherapists, admin staff) directly involved;
  • 704 electronic charts of the patients, each containing multiple files associated with their individual care and with various episodes of the interventions, including complex needs: social, emotional, spiritual, family etc.;
  • 79,303 interventions in the integrated system: initializing and permanent updating of patients’ charts;
  • 326 telemedicine sessions, facilitating consultations in between patients and HOSPICE team members placed in various locations (patients homes, doctor’s offices, inpatient units);
  • 4,734 phone calls from patients and families to the helpline number.

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