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Major European Insurance company

In a highly competitive and regulated industry like insurance, maintaining and updating a legacy IT system means high capital and human resources inefficiently allocated and almost no competitive advantage when dealing with market changes. For an efficient IT architecture that keeps up with today’s business requirements, for compliance with industry and governmental regulations and proactive reactions to customer’s needs, insurance companies need to leverage and deploy the latest IT technologies.

SwissRE, one of the biggest insurance companies in the world, chose to replace the IBM Content Manager 8 system and all its auxiliary systems with one Hitachi Content Platform and Star Universal Content Migrator to efficiently and safely conduct a content and metadata migration process to a modern IT system, able to handle today’s challenges, significantly reduce costs and provide unmatched flexibility.

Everything you need to know

  • Following the prior decommissioning of the Lotus Notes leaves behind a legacy IBM Content Manager 8 system;
  • High maintenance costs with the information archiving platform software maintenance renewals and support contracts;
  • Challenges in relation with difficult back-up and restore process, difficult automatic failover and failback processes;
  • Slow content retrieve rate due to tape changing mechanism;
  • Unable to prevent or delay content deletion.

Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) and metadata and content migration services with Star Universal Content Migrator (UCM) – CM edition.


HCP is an object storage solutions that treat file data, file metadata and custom metadata as a single object that is tracked and stored among a variety of storage tiers with secure multitenancy and configurable attributes for each logical par­tition.


Star Universal Content Migrator for Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) is the solution that allows “application-aware” content migration (objects and metadata) from different legacy Enterprise Content Management systems to HCP state of the art object storage.


The Star Universal Content Migrator (UCM) – CM edition was configured to:

  • move documents based on a defined rule taking into consideration document attributes in order to achieve the required 80 objectssec migration speed;
  • create in HCP a structure for the IBM CM8 content that enabled other applications to access the HCP stored content using an already build big index database;
  • enable HCP retention settings at content level based on IBM CM8 attributes;
  • copy in HCP at content level as custom metadata certain IBM CM8 attributes;
  • audit the migration process;
  • verify the migration process based on each item comparison IBM CM8 with HCP information;
  • easily retry objects resulted in error due to tape mechanism slowness;
  • send error mail notifications;
  • create migration process statistics.
  • Decommission IBM CM8 system thus saving future costs;
  • Content can be easily and faster accessed by other applications from day 1 of the migration process without the need to rebuild any index database;
  • Simplifying the system architecture by replacing all required IBM CM8 systems with one HCP platform;
  • Storing in HCP both content and metadata thus enabling documents searches in HCP independent of other platforms availability;
  • The stored content in HCP is actively protected by applying retention settings;
  • Possibility to reuse the IBM CM8 information stored in HCP from other applications via HCP REST API or HCP HS3 API.

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