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Patria Bank chose the Digital Office concept

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Patria Bank is one of the challengers in the banking industry in Romania, aiming to service the customer in a simple and helpful way with competitive products enabling access to banking services, irrespective of their location – big cities or country side.


The main drawback in reaching these goals was the limited branches network, the investment needed to catch-up with the industry leaders, the limited time to catch the market niche of rural/countryside customers while address them with simple yet flexible and comprehensive tools, through banks own forces or outsourced, trough third parties software.

The main strategy was to go mobile, with a digital office, closer to the end user/customer, wherever that might be: on the street, in the park, or just in the middle of the field. The target was to enroll customers, on spot, while they were making their decision and to empower them to benefit, right away, of the most common banking transactions: account opening, credit/debit card opening, money transfer, currency exchange and many others.


With the current solution based on StarCapture Anywhere, the field agents are able to scan & OCR identity documents, fill in the predefined forms with data coming from the OCR or from the core banking or collected directly from the customer. At the end of this process, the customer enrollement is very smooth and furthermore transactions are done very fast through the biometric signature. Archiving is based on SEAL, one of the flagship products in Star Storage.
„We aim to grow fast our customer base, without losing any quality in the services we provide. We are positiv that such a solution is very easy to understand and will be embraced by our agents and by our partners.. We fully trust that AIB solution will be the catalyst for our strategy and operational model allow us to extend our presence and portfolio even closer to our customers”, declared Mr. Valentin Vancea, COO Patria Bank.


Due to large addressability of the solution, including customers with scarce IT skills, the interface was optimized so that the agent to perform transactions on behalf of the customers such as: account opening, money transfer, fx exchange. For security reasons, those transactions are authorized and sent to core system by a final signature from the customer. All integration was possible on Microsoft Technology delivered by Star Storage (Assisted Internet Banking).
“We never imagined that technology can work as hard as we do and be at the same time 100% cost predictable. This integrated service solution allowed us to focus on growing our business and not worry on the technology behind it.”George Simion, Head of IT Department Patria Bank.

  • Automation of the customer enrollment process;
  • Freedom to enroll customers wherever they are;
  • Expanding on-line solutions offered to customers and sales force;
  • Solution users are free to come with their own devices (Bring-Your-Own-Device);
  • The solution it operating system agnostic, can be used on tablets and on desktops, standard or virtual environments;
  • Flexibility to define new workflows;
  • By the close interface with the core banking, it narrows down options for the sales agent depending on customer profiles (shows only available workflows for a customers);
  • Biometric signature brings the required security level so that transactions are perfomed safely.

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Stop COVID-19! Work DIGITAL with ZERO risks

Stop COVID-19! Work DIGITAL with ZERO risks

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ZERO-DISTANCE Business with
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