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Telekom Romania is a dynamic brand that provides complete, innovative fixed and mobile telecommunication services tailored to a large community of customers with approximately 10 million service contracts. Telekom Romania's mission is to enrich people's lives by providing them fixed and mobile integrated services, state-of-the-art 4G technologies, fiber optics and Internet TV, bringing users a new entertainment experience with exclusive and quality content, on all screens, and advanced interactive features.

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Telekom Romania is a trusted partner, offering companies complete communications solutions and IT&C. Telekom network connects people, machines and content for a better, safer and easier future. Telekom Romania is present on the market since 2014, after the joint rebranding of Romtelecom and COSMOTE Romania, and is part of Deutsche Telekom, one of the world's leading integrated telecommunication companies.


Telekom Romania Communications Supply Chain Management is a support structure of Telekom Romania Communications, managing an area of approximately 1,000,000 square meters of buildings and land. In its activity, Telekom Romania Communications Supply Chain Management interacts with other Telekom Romania Communications departments such as Financial, Technical and Operations.


Previously, the client was using a software solution developed on demand for managing utility invoices related data(energy, gas, water, heating), but all data was entered manually into the application by clients’ staff to breakdown the cost for each place of consumption (building) and re-invoicing it to the tenants.

Annually, approximately 6,000 utility invoices with 110,000 consumption points are processed. Telekom Romania's main need was to quickly and accurately obtain data for paying utility invoices and re-invoicing to tenants faster and at a reduced cost.

Deployed solution - Suppliers Invoice Processing, based on Star Storage own Intellectual Property software products, optimized the invoice conversion process, increasing data accuracy by 60% based on automatic processes while reducing human error, speeding up by 30% the communication with own clients compared with the standard process of Telekom Romania Communications.

Supplier Suppliers Invoice Processing solution provides a wide range of features:

  • Registration of incoming documents from utility suppliers (invoices and other documents) using the Electronic Registry feature, each document receiving a unique number within the organization;
  • Electronic conversion of all utility invoices and their physical dispensers (on paper) using StarCapture application;
  • Data capture from incoming invoices on paper or any other format, required for further processing;
  • Export data, in the analysis phase, from utility invoices needed for further processing and deliver final PDF files;
  • Documents traceability over the entire conversion process.


Due to the standards implemented within the Star Storage conversion center, the workflow allows daily receipt of invoices from all couriers approved by customer, invoice inventory and also a unique number allocation through the electronic registration application. The other documents received, which are not invoices, are daily sent back to the client's office.

For information retrieval about the quantities used in each consumption place, invoice related documents are processed at the same time with the invoice in the conversion process.

To provide the highest level of quality service, the whole scanning process uses professional equipment ensuring image accuracy, native resolution and native color schemes and document preservation.

Once scanned, documents can be found in the StarCapture processing application, where Star Storage operators validate the accuracy of scanned invoices and index the required invoice information. Then, all physical documents arrive at the Reconstruction department where they are arranged in chronological order and stored in dedicated boxes for easy retrieval.

Customer data is secured throughout the entire process, as the system allows the use of images only by export and only by authorized personnel with the workstations lacking Internet access, active USB ports or CD-ROMs.

The solution offered to digitize utility invoices allows information validation through several methods:

  1. Automatically check of data entered by indexing operators with immediate alert to correct any non-compliant data or typing errors;
  2. 100% validation of data captured in the previous stage by a second team of operators;
  3. Validate and complete all processed data, based on automated validation and matching rules, configured in the application. Matching is done using the nomenclatures provided by the customer. For example, when selecting a vendor from the related file plan, the processing system allows automated fill of provider data such as address, VAT number, or IBAN.


These validation methods are part of Star Storage policy for delivering information with a high accuracy. The invoices archive and supporting documents are delivered to the client on an FTP server for access and use only by its representatives.

  • Optimize the flow of collection, conversion and invoice payment of Telekom Romania Communications by digitizing them;
  • 30% increased processing speed and re-invoicing the tenants and cash-flow improvement;
  • 27% decrease of invoice processing costs;
  • Reduced processing errors using double validation (by specialized operators and automatically using customized services);
  • Easy retrieval and reuse of all extracted information in a unified and secure way;
  • Increased access speed to information stored on paper using a unified management of physical and electronic archives;
  • Increased efficiency and faster decisions based on specific reports (number of invoices received, number of invoices with penalties, related amount, due date, report for new consumption places etc);
  • Reducing the risks of data loss by backing up the information (metadata and scanned images);
  • Store in excellent conditions all physical documents.

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