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Top worldwide telecom company Enterprise Content Management solutions

Pursuing an ECM (Enterprise Content Management) strategy, we've built and deployed together with our customer, in several countries (Germany, Netherlands, UK), various complex document and business process management solutions addressing various business needs.

Among the success stories for this customer, we can mention the following solutions:

  • Matter Management - for the legal department. Using this solution, all documents and email communication are managed in a central location and reused by geographically dispersed departments in an easy and safe way, via a highly secure environment. The entire process is also completely manageable by each business user;
  • Project documentation repository.  A solution used to group together all project documentation and make it available to the teams;
  • Credit Notes Workflow -speeding up the review and approval process of credit notes through the use of Business Process Management techniques. This solution can save both time and money, especially when the participating staff that is geographically dispersed is sending out documents for approval;
  • Contract archive and management - being able to capture and properly store all customer contracts and integration with the front office software is a major step forward in managing all contract information, including the signed documents and their accompanying attachments, in addition to the contract main data;
  • SAP/ERP integration to provide a B2B portal for orders. Exchanging purchase order attachments automatically with main vendors can save a lot of time and effort on both sides and make the partnership grow. We've build a solution that can be integrated with several ERP systems and the main SAP system in order to provide a unique repository of PO attachments and it allows external vendors to see them once released;
  • Management Reporting Collaboration - monitoring KPIs and reporting them is standard practice for a successful business. Gathering each month the comments of each KPI responsible can be an overwhelming task if it's done manually or by email. We've built a solution to integrate with the KPI measurement system and then monthly collect feedback from the responsibles and generate a management report in a friendly and very secure manner (using IRM).


At a software solution level, these applications integrate with the ERP (SAP) system or other specific operational systems.


Both the customized software solutions (Enterprise Content Management category) and the other elements totally rely on the infrastructure services available in the StarVault Data Center.

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Stop COVID-19! Work DIGITAL with ZERO risks

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