Important location details ofdigital innovation fest

By car
If you come by car please use the underground parking zone C and D. Be aware that there are only 150 parking places available so it’s better to arrive on time.

After you park use the sliding glass door and all 3 elevators will get you directly to the registration area in the Foyer.

By taxi
If you decide to get by taxi, you will use the main entrance as taxis are not allowed in the underground parking. Use the revolving door and then choose between the elevator or the stairs to get to the Foyer. We will be waiting for you.

By bus
You can also arrive by public transportation. A bus named 261 will drive you up to Jandarmeriei stop. But, you have to walk 5 – 7 minutes to get to the main entrance. Then use the revolving door, get the elevator or take the stairs up to the Foyer.

Don’t forget to bring your ticket!
To get access at the event and receive your badge we need to scan the QR code on the ticket you received after you registered on event page. So please have it on you either electronically on your mobile devices or printed.

Digital innovation fest event location

Stejarii Country Club, Bucuresti

Str. Jandarmeriei, nr. 14, Sector 1, Bucuresti, Romania