Our guest speakers atdigital innovation fest

Atle Skjekkeland
Senior Vice President at AIIM

Atle is a Senior Vice President at AIIM (The Association for Information and Image Management). He is a technologist, educator, and innovator. His interest in the future of information management with social, mobile, cloud, and big data has made him a frequent keynoter and workshop facilitator at events across the world. Atle is also the architect behind AIIM’s training programs with close to 30,000 students. He has a Master of Science degree from Norwegian School of Economics, and he has just returned to Europe after 9 years in the US.

Lukas Erben

Lukáš Erben
Vendor Executive Manager at KPC-GROUP (GARTNER CZ/SK/RO)

Lukáš is a Gartner specialist with more than 20 years of professional IT and tech writing, consulting and publishing background. After focusing mainly on hardware and technology, he moved to areas of information systems, enterprise IT and IT/business strategy and alignment in 2006.

Following two years at the helm of INISDE he took also responsibilities in area of KPC-Group client support - as Vendor Executive Manager, helping CEOs, CTOs and other executives or directors of local ICT and tech vendors to maximize value of their investment in Gartner in areas like product and service innovation and strategy.

Alex Padureanu
Deputy CEO and Fundraising Director at Hospices of Hope (UK and USA)

Alex is the CEO of Hospices of Hope, the most important network developing palliative care in Eastern Europe. Based in the United Kingdom, Alex is responsible to coordinate the activity of the local team and the organization in the US, having a non-executive role in the country partner organizations (Romania, Serbia, and Moldova).

With a background in finance and in marketing, Alex started as a volunteer for Hospice Casa Sperantei and made the decision to work full time for the last 7 years, his first assignment being to develop the first teaching inpatient unit in Bucharest.

One of the main focuses of Hospices of Hope is pioneering, 25 years ago palliative care, free of charge. Palliative care, was a totally untouched, unknown concept in Romania and the organization has pioneered this type of care at a national and regional level. He believes that now pioneering needs to be associated with technology, combining a very delicate and soft domain (such as health care or social care) with the right technology will, I am sure, will be a key factor in the next years. NGOs, not only companies, need to understand this and get on board. We are investing a lot of resources in technology as part of our strategy and we are lucky to have partners like Star Storage to help us make these changes.

Our specialists speakers atdigital innovation fest

Catalin Paunescu

Catalin is the founder and CEO of Star Storage. He started the company in the year 2000 with the goal of becoming a major player in the information protection and management field. He studied Cybernetics and Economic Informatics and has an unparalleled passion for technology, constantly promoting performance at all levels - even in his free time when he enjoys to climb mountains or ride his Ducati motorcycle.

Ruxandra Ionescu
Sales Manager - Financial Services & Emerging Market

Ruxandra is a skilled manager with strong track record of performance and development in telecom and energy industries, leading and coordinating over her 18 years career both B2B and B2C sales teams and environments. She has a significant experience in launching sales campaigns and structuring portfolios/objectives, coaching teams for high performance, based on her innovative and strategic-minded sales leader skills.

Cristian Gustescu
Director Enterprise Sales Unit

Cristian is a key player in Star Storage team as National Sales Director, Enterprise Segment since 2008. He has more than 21 years of experience in consultative sales of complex IT solutions and services.

Nicolae Ghioca
Sales Manager Public Sector

Nicolae has managed sales for public sector in Star Storage for the last 3 years. With more than 10 years experience in IT&C industry, he was involved in the inception, contracting and fulfilment of key projects for local and central administration, with high visibility and impact for the citizens and community.

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