GDPR solutions – what to consider

Written in collaboration with AIIM Chief Evangelist John Mancini


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) can be more than a check-box exercise when it comes to adhering to compliance. It represents an opportunity to achieve operational best practice and gain a commercial advantage. Implementing the systems and processes required by the regulation in the right way can help organizations define and manage the risk and reward associated with processing personal data, and drive greater business efficiency. What’s more, choosing a solution that balances data protection with accessibility will enable organizations to match the pace of change in the marketplace, ensure success in their digital transformation strategies, identify and seize new opportunities and meet rising customer expectations.


There is frankly a lot of noise out in the marketplace when it comes to solutions. Below are 3 of the 10 questions every company should ask in order to cut through the noise and embrace GDPR.


1. Does your senior leadership understand the key information governance challenges facing the organization?

Some of the main challenges of an organization is the high amount of the information assets managed; the volume of unstructured data and the fact that they are spread in multiple formats and systems.

2. Do you have a specific strategy to address access and security issues?

The ability to protect content based on what it is (and its associated metadata) and not on where is stored is critical to meeting the Privacy by Design requirements of the GDPR.

3. How will you demonstrate that the data subject has consented to processing of his or her personal data?

One approach to consider that provides provable consent is the biometric signature. A biometric signature provides safe proof of the consent of the data subject and also a leap forward in security.

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