Move your HR from managing paper towards developing talent

Human Resources is an essential component of your organization. With major responsibilities in recruiting and managing employee relations during their activity and sometimes even years after contract termination, various training and personnel developments programs topped by the burden of corporate and government compliance with legal requirements the pressure is far from light weighted. And, to add more complexity, just imagine that all these processes are driven by highly sensitive personal information contained in a myriad type of documents.


Human Resources are faced with the challenge to maintain complete control of all information and associated business processes while maximizing efficiency and staying compliant with the entire set of company policies. A natural step is to automate as much as possible the business processes and build your HR Digital Office as part of an integrated information governance policy to securely work and distribute the associated documents electronically.


It’s time to empower your HR department to focus on strategic initiatives like sourcing, developing and retaining talent rather than spending time on simply managing paper.


Key Information Governance Challenges Facing HR Managers


Business Impact
What HR Managers Must Do
  • Growing volumes of unstructured content (paper and electronic records like tax, sick leave, medical insurance and pension contribution forms, employee contracts, resumes / CVs, e-mails, and other related administration documents).
  • Duplicating and recreating existing content spiraling out of control·
  • Time consuming manual processes to copy, email, mail, and file HR documents·
  • Unreliable document processes across different locations·
  • Lack of reporting or audit capabilities for internal and external requests·
  • Flexible Response to Changing Workforce. In the new mobile and connected world managing HR files means providing faster access to more information with stronger security.
  • Contain cost while focusing on strategic initiatives like sourcing, developing and retaining talent.
  • Slow, sometimes incomplete ability to access employee files.
  • Higher labor costs.
  • Missing HR files.
  • Duplication of effort.
  • Can’t verify document retention.
  • Delays in processing paper work.
  • Risk of fines for noncompliance.
  • Time and additional cost for the team that must ensure legal compliance through manual processes.
  • High storage and shipping costs.
  • High costs for IT department that needs to manage multiple content repositories.
  • Privacy and security concerns.
  • Digitize paper documents.
  • Create structure into the unstructured content leveraging the power of metadata.
  • Create fast and easy access to documents.
  • Automate HR document routing and approval workflows.
  • Ensure document security, backup and recovery.
  • Ensure security and integrity of sensitive employee information.
  • Optimize use of HR staff by empowering them with easy to use solutions.
  • Improve reporting and audit capabilities.
  • Increase productivity and focus on strategic initiatives rather than administrative tasks.
  • Reduce exposure to compliance fines leveraging permanently auditable HR processes.


To ensure that all employee files are up-to-date and accessible by HR department to maximize efficiency and deliver real value you need a solution that can be easily addopted company wide and will simplify the work for your colleagues, improve employee engagement and empower collaboration & information sharing. This should be a complete solution to capture all human resource documents (paper and electronic), securely archive them in a central repository and make them easy to retrieve by authorized members of staff. Deploying this solution will gain you a unified view of your employees and a complete electronic file to increase your productivity, reduce costs and comply with legal requirements.



3 main components that will make your life easier:


  • HR documents and forms capture

    Search for a professional data and document capture application that will enable you to get information from paper, quickly and accurately, index, clasify, and digitally sign your converted or computer generated documents (e-mails, PDF and MS Office documents, images etc.)  and export them to compliance archives for record keeping.


  • Document Routing and Approval

    Ask yourself how you can automate HR documents routing and approval such as employee purchases or leave request. Using predifined or customizable workflows with full audit train availble to track all tasks perform by an invidividul user on any document a Digital Mailroom, Electronic Registry and Correspondence Management will transform your mailroom from a cost center and a continuously source of bottlenecks into a strategic asset, generating real value for your company. Using advanced functionalities for registration, scanning, data extraction and automatic document routing, this solution will enables identification and extraction of valuable content from business correspondence received either on paper or electronic format and facilitates the distribution to the right individuals and business workflows.


  • Unified Information Governance, Archiving and Records Management

    This will enable all physical and digital documents relating to an employee to be captured and stored together with related metadata in a single, consolidated repository – this includes paper documents and also emails. These documents may be required during HR or legal proceedings. Your organization will be able to preserve and unleash the value of all information assets while gaining access to a secured compliant environment. You should take into consideration the way this solution is built (does it uses open standards like CMIS or has built in APIs) and how is able to integrate easily with HR applications for a complete view and collaboration over the employee file in a quick, simple and secure way.

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