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In a period in which consumers increasingly put more accent on quality and price for the services they receive, it becomes critical for any organization to optimize internal processes, so it can make the best decisions in an extremely short time and also to ensure that useful information is available at any time, no matter the form of storage information (electronic, paper, etc).


However, together with human resource which is the engine of any organization, documents generated and manipulated in daily processes are at least as important.


These documents contain mostly internal use information that must be secured in order to provide assurance that information does not become public in a manner prejudicial to the issuing organization.


Moreover, the Romanian legislation provides clear rules for archiving physical documents and their manipulation so as to ensure availability for a period of time at least equal to that prescribed by law.


Here are some reasons you might take into consideration:

  • because we are the only ones able to offer a complete package of services (end to end) from document production to electronic conversion, archiving, storage and secured destruction;
  • because, alongside archival services, we offer professional consulting services, so as to help optimizing and securing document-based processes;
  • because we are the company with the largest portfolio of connected services for information management, services with huge business potential on a competitive market;
  • because we are the leader market in archiving and document conversion and we want to help you to became a leader also.

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You will use a complete package of services that will help you respond quickly and effectively to your customers' needs and provide document management services in physical format in conditions of total security of data processed.

You can also benefit from a complete solution for collecting and secured destruction of commercial or financial physical documents within the organization, ensuring compliance with Romanian legislation in force.

StarHive offers a complete package of outsourcing services for processing and archiving physical documents:

  • Electronic document conversion services on paper;
  • Information retrieval services from physical document;
  • Archive processing services (organizing physical document according to Romanian Law, including the arhive  selection for destruction);
  • Storage services for physical archive;
  • Electronic archive management services (Seal as a service - Business Edition);
  • Electronic archive management services according to Law (Seal as a service - Compliance Edition);
  • Documents collection and secured destruction  services.

Stop COVID-19! Work DIGITAL with ZERO risks

Stop COVID-19! Work DIGITAL with ZERO risks

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ZERO-DISTANCE Business with
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