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Partner: DELL EMC

Who is DELL EMC?

DELL EMC is the world leader in products, services and solutions for information storage and management.


What does DELL EMC do?

The company helps any size company to administrate increasing information volumes – in the generation and distribution processes – in correspondence with their value which varies in time for business, trough ILM (Information Lifecycle Management) strategies. The infrastructure DELL EMC solutions allow the organizations to administrate, use, protect and distribute their valuable data in an efficient and economic manner. DELL EMC solutions integrate stocking systems, software and services.


What is the vision of DELL EMC?

To supply best ILM (Information Lifecycle Management) solution as to gain maximum value from the information acquired from the smallest TCO, at any moment of information’s lifecycle.

DELL EMC products

The EMC VNX family delivers industry-leading innovation and enterprise capabilities for file, block and object storage in a scalable, easy-to-use solution.
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EMC SourceOne
EMC SourceOne archives email from a Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes Domino system for cost reduction, improved operational efficiencies, business reuse, and risk mitigation, archives file systems and unstructured content based on corporate policies to reduce costs and mitigate risk and optimize SharePoint performance, reduce storage costs, and enable information governance utilizing remote BLOB storage (RBS).
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EMC NetWorker
EMC NetWorker helps you protect your data by simplifying and centralizing backup and recovery operations. With its record-breaking performance, NetWorker is the ideal backup software for small offices as well as large data centers.
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EMC Centera
EMC Centera® delivers active archiving with the capacity, power efficiency, and price you require. Available in a rackable configuration, EMC Centera® fits into any EMC rack or industry-standard rack.
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Dell EMC Unity All-Flash / Hybrid
Dell EMC Unity, powered by Intel® Xeon® processors, delivers the ultimate in simplicity and value, enabling your organization to speed deployment, streamline management and seamlessly tier storage to the cloud.
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Dell EMC VMAX All Flash Storage
Get performance, scale, high availability, and advanced data services for all mission-critical applications with Dell EMC VMAX All Flash powered by Intel® Xeon® processors. Engineered to optimize flash drive technology, VMAX All Flash is built to take on all of your modern data center challenges.
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