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Focusing on information, according to the business requirements regarding the storage, access, security, protection and management of data, under the slogan “Partner Beyond Technology”, Hitachi Data Systems is a company focusing on the client needs, for the purpose of fulfilling them by means of their leading products in the field of storage, having an impressive portfolio of professional services and solutions, as well as a network of strategic partners throughout the world.


Hitachi Data Systems, a member of the Hitachi Ltd. (NYSE: HIT) Group, the greatest company of electronic products of Japan develops storage solutions, for the purpose of maximizing the return on investment and reducing the risk to a minimum. These include solutions to the management of the information life cycle, with a view to adapt to the specific requirements of the clients or of the legislation in force.


With 2,900 employees, Hitachi Data Systems develops its business directly or by means of its resellers in the public and private sectors, in over 170 countries, including the countries with emergent economies such as China, the South-East Asian countries and Eastern European countries.


The renowned company of IT analysis and consultancy, Gartner, recognized in Hitachi Data Systems a leader on the market of enterprise type storage systems and the company with the highest growth in the field of the development of management applications for storage systems. The fast growth of the market share of the storage systems of the modular family and the awards granted for the partnership programs made of Hitachi Systems an important force on the market of medium range storage systems.


Hitachi Data Systems, with its headquarters in Santa Clara, CA, is a vital component of the division Hitachi, Ltd,’s Information Systems & Telecommunications, the most strategic business segment of the company. As regards Hitachi Ltd., the financial year 2003 (which ended on 31st March 2004) totalized sales amounting to USD 81.4 billion.

Hitachi Vantara products

Hitachi NAS Platform
Ready for next-generation NAS storage? Get the best platform for distributed enterprise and data center application workloads, optimized for Oracle, VMware and Microsoft® deployments.
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Hitachi Content Platform
With security and freedom in one solution, you can harness data growth and bridge traditional and emerging technologies to make your data securely available anywhere, anytime.
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Hitachi HNAS
Hitachi NAS Platform, powered by BlueArc®, is an advanced and integrated network attached storage (NAS) solution. It is a powerful tool for file sharing as well as file server consolidation, data protection and general purpose NAS workloads.
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Hitachi Content Platform (HCP)
The Hitachi Content Platform is a robust “active archive” that enables effective long-term, fixed-content data preservation for organizations of all sizes. Designed to seamlessly integrate into an existing enterprise storage infrastructure, the high-performance, high-availability, highly scalable archiving solution satisfies an organization’s regulatory compliance requirement by ensuring the secure, long-term preservation and fast search and retrieval of valuable business records.
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