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Hitachi Content Platform (HCP)

Hitachi Content Platform is a robust "active archive" that enables effective long-term, fixed-content data preservation for organizations of all sizes. Designed to seamlessly integrate into an existing enterprise storage infrastructure, the high-performance, high-availability, highly scalable archiving solution satisfies an organization’s regulatory compliance requirement by ensuring the secure, long-term preservation and fast search and retrieval of valuable business records.

A first in SAN-based digital archival solutions, the Hitachi Content Platform uses world-class Hitachi storage systems to provide scalability, availability, and performance - satisfying the growing demand for long-term fixed-content storage management. With built-in authentication, protection, and retention capabilities, the platform ensures that archived content will be continually accessible for years to come.

The Hitachi Content Platform provides:

  • A WORM file system and time-base retention at the object level;
  • Authenticated content preservation with a user choice of digital signature or hash algorithms;
  • Embedded full-text index, search, and retrieval for content discovery;
  • Automated object-level remote replication;
  • Custom metadata support;
  • Content privacy (encryption of data at rest utilizing patent-pending "secret sharing" technology);
  • Standards-based interfaces, including NFS, CIFS/SMB, HTTP, https, WebDAV, SMTP, NDMP;
  • Duplicate data elimination;
  • Support for Hitachi Universal Storage Platform™ V, Hitachi Universal Storage Platform, Hitachi Network Storage Controller™, Hitachi Adaptable width=100% Modular Storage, and Hitachi Workgroup Modular Storage;
  • Support for Hitachi Device Manager software and Hitachi Tiered Storage Manager software for reporting of Content Platform metrics;
  • Highly scalable with up to 32 billion objects (such as files or emails), and up to 20 petabytes of total data archiving;
  • High-availability with no single point of failure based on SAIN architecture (reliable SAN storage with an array of independent nodes).
  • Meet regulatory and governance requirements. Ensure compliance with requirements for content preservation and retention;
  • Protect your business. Reduce risk of fines and penalties for not meeting regulatory compliance or providing timely responses to audit and legal discovery requests;
  • Save time and money. Reduce cost and complexity via a single active archive repository; expedite content retrieval; place archived data on lower-cost storage tiers; reduce duplicate copies of the same data;
  • Protect and secure content. Provide a high-availability environment; authenticate file integrity and access; enforce retention rules;
  • Simplify searches. Ease access and retrieval of archived content whenever needed;
  • Grow with your business. Scale horizontally to support multiple applications and content types; scale vertically to support continued data growth.
  • You now have the opportunity to use HCP with EMC Documentum to also leverage HCP advantages from your top Enterprise Content Management system. We have built the only commercially available product to integrate these two systems and our product is certified by both EMC and HDS;
  • Find out more about this unique and valuable proposition in the Star Documentum Connector for HCP product page

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