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Quantum Scalar i6000

Protecting and retaining your data can be challenging. Keeping pace with fast, unpredictable data growth in a cost and time efficient manner pushes IT staff to their limits. Ensuring that data is secure and available over long periods of time adds to these challenges. The Scalar® i6000 tape library was designed to solve these problems and simplify your environment.


The i6000 scales up to 16PB of data, supporting large enterprise storage environments. Capacity-on-demand offers fast, flexible, and non-disruptive growth, easing the difficulties of managing dynamic storage requirements. Quantum customers experience significant management time savings due to the intelligent and proactive features in iLayer management software, up to 75% savings compared to other libraries. The new Media Data Integrity Anaysis feature (MeDIA) ensures your archived media is trouble free so the data is available when you need it. Security features like access control and FIPs compliant encryption key management safeguards your data while it’s in the library, after export, and when it’s offsite.


Features and benefits:

  • iLayer Intelligent Software – Integrated software makes the i6000 easy to manage, reducing administrative time up to 75% compared to other tape library products;
  • Media Data Integrity Analysis (MeDIA) – A new, exclusive iLayer feature used to ensure availability of your data placed in long-term storage/archive/DR. These checks are done in the background, outside of normal application operations;
  • Advanced Reporting – Improves library performance and backup reliability. iLayer collects drive and media statistics as part of normal library operations. Provides reports on tape drive utilization, media usage, and media health;
  • Integrated Storage Networking Capabilities – Multiple library and drive features improve performance, availability, reliability, and security within SAN environments;
  • Tape Consolidation – Library capacity, high availability features, and partitioning support tape consolidation, delivering significant ROI;
  • Bulk Cartridge Imports/Exports – Extended I/E feature creates a logical/virtual I/E station inside the library for fast imports and exports. New 72 slot mailbox supports the largest import/export capability in the industry;
  • Modular Architecture with Continuous Robotics – Provides flexible scalability in a standard 19″ rack form factor without sacrificing reliability;
  • Capacity-on-Demand Growth – Simplifies storage growth by scaling quickly, easily and without disruption;
  • Native SMI-S Support – Easily integrates into most SRM environments;
  • Quantum Vision™ Management Software Support – Reduces management time in multiple device environments and integrate easily with Quantum disk backup solutions;
  • Scalar Key Manager Support – Easily manage encryption keys, mitigating risk of lost data. LTO-4 and LTO-5 Drives use AES-256 Bit Encryption Standard for highest levels of security;
  • StorageCare® Guardian Support – Remote monitoring service that improves system reliability without adding cost.

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Stop COVID-19! Work DIGITAL with ZERO risks

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