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WHAT IS Star Alfresco Connector for HCP?

Star Alfresco Connector for Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) is the solution that brings together Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) state of the art content archiving functionality and the great features provided by Alfresco, the leading and mature open source Enterprise Content Management platform. Seamlessly integrated both for the end user and for the applications, this connector allows repositories to store content inside HCP appliances as an external storage.

Everything you need to know

  • Star Alfresco Connector for HCP is a product developed internally by our R&D team in order to provide a seamless integration between the two systems, allowing to store content from Alfresco inside the HCP store as an external storage area without any impact on the end user or the applications in place.
  • Built for compatibility – no known limitations to run on major Alfresco versions (3.4.6, 3.4.9, 4.0.1, 5.0, 5.1, 5.2.2, 6.0.0-49) and HCP versions (4.x, 5.x, 7.x, 8.x, 9.1), independent of the OS (Windows or Linux);
  • No changes have to be done to the existing applications;
  • Maximum performance and reliability using the native Alfresco Content Services;
  • Fast and secure content transfer to HCP provided by HTTPS;
  • Use multiple HCP storage destinations in a single Alfresco installation;
  • Flexible ways of saving new and existing content to HCP, in real time or using scheduled jobs;
  • Minimum impact on the end users, as the change is seamless for them;


  • Minimum impact on Administrators and Developers: the connector's installation and configuration are done in the Alfresco recommended way;
  • Document metadata is copied to HCP and updated if needed, being available for use in searches inside HCP;
  • The retention in HCP is set using a custom attribute or an attribute from the Retention Management Module;
  • Decide which content to move to HCP with the logic of business rules;
  • Content lifecycle management is completed using standard Alfresco functions – with no specific limitations.

Combined features for great performance:

  • Meet governance retention requirements;
  • Respond in time to audit and discovery requests;
  • Protect and secure the business content in a safe and controlled environment;
  • Save time and money reducing the back-up systems and the number of administrators;
  • Simplify searches for the archived content;
  • Collaborate in style by developing essential business information with Alfresco's great collaboration features and archive safely inside HCP.

Find out why we are different

  • Native implementation, using mature components delivering highest performance transfer between HCP and Alfresco Content Services;
  • Cut the costs used for a back-up system (hardware and licenses, tape back-up, external disks) and take advantage of Hitachi's product that supports many data types, applications and users in cloud and traditional IT environments;
  • The performance and response time of the system can be maintained the same by choosing the appropriate way to transfer content to HCP – a scheduled transfer, or real-time upload;
  • Use Alfresco retention, HCP retention or both – enforce content retention at HCP level, with or without Alfesco's Retention Management Module.


Reference architecture

Benefits for your business

Choose a delivery model that best suits your business needs!


Fully integrated with Alfresco Enterprise and Hitachi Content Platform and independent of Alfresco user applications and input methods.


No impact on the existing systems, configurations and customization and no additional costs for hardware/software.


The content transfer is seamless to the business users, as they can upload content just like before and they can access old content without knowing it is stored in a different location.



Benefit from all the HCP main functionalities for the content saved in Alfresco (e.g. de-duplication, search and discovery, retention management, shredding).

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