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SEAL Content Library Connector for Salesforce

May 3rd, 2018. Star Storage, a global technology provider developing and delivering state-of-the-art information protection and governance solutions, has launched the new Content Library Connector for Salesforce, enabling an improved content integration experience for enterprise customers using Salesforce along with some other business application generating content. From now on, companies around the world will be able to have Salesforce content offloaded and securely stored in SEAL.


SEAL is a next generation unified information governance, archiving and records management platform that stores unstructured content and related metadata in a single, consolidated repository. Based on SEAL, enterprise customers with multiple software systems keep all their corporate records in one integrated repository, offloading transactional applications of unstructured content burden. Salesforce content can be managed and utilized as part of the unified information governance strategy (SEAL successfully managing several other data sources like Outlook, SAP, SharePoint).


With SEAL Content Library Connector for Salesforce users are able to access SEAL’s extensive set of advanced metadata and records management features. The solution will be delivered as an AppExchange package and the integration is developed using Salesforce technologies (Visualforce, Apex), together with SEAL CMIS REST API.


„We are constantly expanding our integration platform capabilities with top enterprise applications, allowing our customers to get rid of islands of information and boost the productivity related with line of business people using corporate content. Salesforce customers worldwide are facing specific quotas  applicable for both data and file storage with high impact in the total costs. With SEAL Content Library Connector for Salesforce customers will not only stay in the standard Salesforce quota with direct impact on cost, but also increase business productivity and compliance with advanced ingestion, OCR, classification, metadata and records management, workflow features doubled by the best user experience.

In addition to the unified content usage scenario based on SEAL interface (both web and native mobile applications on iOS and Android), the content stored in SEAL can be directly accessed from the Salesforce record page in the specific context”, said Mr. Catalin Paunescu, CEO of Star Storage.

More details about SEAL product on www.seal-online.com

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Stop COVID-19! Work DIGITAL with ZERO risks

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