StarVault Colocation Tier-3 Data Center

StarVault Colocation

StarVault Colocation services provide the necessary hosting of your equipments in Star Storage Data Center, thus freeing up the cost and effort required in developing and administering a proper in-house space, which meet the specific requirements of electric power supply, air-conditioning and security.


  • Last generation Data Center, built in accordance with the recommendations of TIA-942 (across Tier 3) Uptime Institute and ASHRAE, providing high availability and security for your data and applications (over 99.982% availability);
  • 2N power supply redundancy from the transformers to the rack (transformers, generators, UPS, PDU) - if any component of the case on a path the power supply is not affected. Either of the two ways the current supply is sized to be able to sustain and loading on the other way, at any level (Generator, UPS, etc);
  • Measured availability of facilities at the launch of Data Center and up to the present day (5 years): 100%  - no interruption of power supply or climate of Data Center;
  • At least N + 1 or 2N redundant air conditioning depending on room - room-temperature constantly maintained between 20 ° and 25 ° C;
  • Fire extinguishing system with an inert gas, Inergen;
  • Secure access through the SAS type door, with double authentication: proximity card and fingerprint reader;
  • Permanent staff on-site (24x7), both for monitoring and security of Data Center, as well as and for its operation and resolving problems that may occur, before they affect service availability;
  • Major communications hub, with the presence of all major data services providers in Romania, the services can be accessed securely by customers, through a variety of data services providers, Star Storage offering optional, and mechanisms for optimizing the WAN access to Cloud services.


Over 99.982% availability of Data Center facilities (availability measured in the last 5 years: 100%  - no interruption of power supply or climate of Data Center).

Partnership with a strong and reliable supplier, with over 13 years experience in complex IT infrastructure solutions for Data Centers and information management and 9 years in the critical infrastructure outsourcing.

Access to the latest technologies available in the Star Storage Data Center - we are always up to date with the latest news in the field.

A team of specialists with experience in design, construction and maintenance of some of the most important Data Centers in Romania, at your disposal.

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Stop COVID-19! Work DIGITAL with ZERO risks

Stop COVID-19! Work DIGITAL with ZERO risks

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ZERO-DISTANCE Business with
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