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Document production and distribution

Transactional documents are considered to be the first contact you have with clients, the main business card in a client - company relationship.

That's why it is important that these documents are personalized not only with transactional information they were made for but also with the personal message of your brand. StarDoc, the Output Management Division of Star Storage, offers complete output management solutions based on the outsourcing of the entire process of document management to ensure you a good impact and an efficient one-to-one communication with your clients. The Output Management Division supports you for the entire process of personalizing documents.

Star Storage owns one of the most modern Output Management Center that ensures you the following advantages:

  • 1000 square meters of dedicated space for the management center;
  • 15 million envelops/month enveloping capacity;
  • High performance equipment;
  • Technology that is unique on the market;
  • Zero errors due to the ANV technology (account number verification) that allows monitoring the entire process of production;
  • The possibility to access online the modification and validation interface for documents using a dedicated system (WebProof);
  • For the endowment of the facility we have used state of the art equipments for printing and enveloping that allow us to offer you a full area of services for Output Document Management.
  • The possibility to use several formats from A2 and A3 to the small ones like A4, A5 and A6;
  • 1400 dpi resolution for color print and 600 dpi for white and black print;
  • Integrated control system for printing queue;
  • Minimal human intervention that reduces the errors;
  • Printed documents security by microtext, guilloches and UV toner, variable data.
  • 15 million envelops monthly capacity;
  • The possibility to use several envelops formats (C6/5, or C5);
  • Fully automatic and modular equipments, each module having a sensor, including high speed video cameras to check page by page the entire stack;
  • Production speed of up to 44.000 envelopes/hour;
  • The possibility to control automatic the flux so that any possible errors are identified and the envelope is destroyed; the systems retypes the envelop.

Always secure data

The need of security and protection for the confidential information of the company's clients is one of the main concerns of the companies as well as a main reason why they choose to outsource the management of the documents. With us, the security and integrity of the confidential data is ensured by the automation of the process and the limited human involvement.


Star Storage has ISO certifications like ISO9001, 14001, 18001, 20001 si 27001. In addition, the Output Management Center is endowed with video survaillance systems, fire prevention systems, antieffraction, humidity and temperature control etc. The clients data is safely kept in our data center of Tier3 type (according to Uptime Institute).

Services we offer

  • Variable data processing – generating printing files based on the customer’s data files and a number of document templates;
  • Digital Printing Services in black&white and full color;
  • Documents Finishing Services: folding, enveloping, booklet making;
  • Postal Delivery Services: including Postal costs Optimization by database cleansing;
  • Multi Chanel Delivery: personalized Emails, faxes, SMS.

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Stop COVID-19! Work DIGITAL with ZERO risks

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