Full and exclusive access to the server

StarVault Cloud Server

You have full and exclusive access to the server, with all rights for the management of system and applications that are running on it according on your needs.


  • Resource-based processing power starting with 1vCPU + 2 GB RAM;
  • Storage capacity from 50 GB/server;
  • Windows Server operating system included in the package;
  • Top Virtualization Platform - Microsoft Hyper-V.



This service is intended for customers who want a fast and automatic provision of computing resources without initial investment!

The service is specially created for your business because:

  • System components are doubled for maximum availability - 99.9%;
  • The system can be scaled down during operation - you can add resources quickly, at proportional costs;
  • Data is stored in a protected, isolated environment, without leaving the Star Storage Data Center (Bucharest / Romania);
  • No initial investment, fixed subscription;
  • No minimum contract duration.

StarVault Cloud Server is automatically provisioned on a virtualized platform with Microsoft's top Hyper-V technology.


The hardware architecture is based on multiple servers (nodes) configured in the cluster to provide redundancy (High Availability). If one of them fails, resources from the backup area are allocated so that the activity is not interrupted and the performance of the system is not affected.


Data is stored in SAN, an external, distributed storage equipment. Access to data is made via multiple redundant FC interfaces. Data communication is available through the dedicated telecom platform (redundant equipment: switches, routers, firewalls).


Access to data communication services (Internet, VPN, dedicated lines) is ensured either through the Star Access Internet Service (redundant service through multiple providers, AS own number, owned IP numbers, etc.) or through contracting services directly from vendors available in the data center.


The service is automatically provisioned and activated after it is ordered from the portal, and after that you receive the access credentials by email.

StarVault Cloud Server is configured based on the Microsoft HyperV Virtualization Platform.


In addition to the virtualization features, the Microsoft HyperV cloud platform (System Center 2012 R2 + Windows 2012 R2 Data Center Edition) includes:

  • The management and the monitoring of the operations at the level of enterprise applications, the degree of loading of virtual machines;
  • Virtual machine protection: snapshots, backup, failover between system nodes;
  • Mobility and flexibility with live migration between servers and storage systems;
  • The automated balance of the load of virtual machines for the efficient use of IT resources;
  • Asynchronous replication of virtual machines between the production site and the disaster recovery site.

The hardware architecture is designed to ensure maximum availability. That's why all components are doubled.


For processing power, blade servers with Intel processors are installed in a completely redundant chassis. They are connected to the SAN via the iSCSI and FibreChannel redundancy communications platform. In SAN, the storage capacity is allocated to several dedicated equipment: for Hitachi VSP performance and for Hitachi HUS 150 flexible costs.


Cloud Server is available through on-site ordering with automated provisioning and activation.

The service is configured by completing the following steps:

1. Choose the processing power (one Cloudlet includes 1 vCPU + 2 GB RAM);

2. Select storage capacity;

3. Configure data communication services.


  • Microsoft SQL Server Standard - 18 EUR / month for each user, in
    addition to server subscription (requires Microsoft Windows Server);
  • Microsoft Exchange Server Standard - 2,5 EUR / month for each user, in addition to the server subscription (requires Microsoft Windows Server);
  • Microsoft Sharepoint Standard Server 3,7 EUR / month for each user, in addition to the server subscription (requires Microsoft Windows Server).

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Stop COVID-19! Work DIGITAL with ZERO risks

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ZERO-DISTANCE Business with
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