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StarVault SharePoint Online

StarVault SharePoint Online is a Microsoft collaboration platform offered as a service based on a monthly subscription. This solution includes a virtualized scalable infrastructure depending on the number of users, software licenses and management and migration services. Same benefits without any deployment or management effort!


For those customers that are already using this platform and for those that wish to migrate to cloud, StarVault SharePoint Online includes all the necessary resources.

  • Dedicated resources on a scalable and redundant infrastructure (availability 99.9%);
  • Latest version of licenses for Microsoft SharePoint Server;
  • Solution security;
  • Migration and management services.

Based on Microsoft SharePoint ServerStarVault SharePoint Online is installed on a dedicated platform, protected against physical defects. This service includes necessary resources to function within normal parameters, being scalable and adaptable to each project requirements.


Dedicated infrastructure SharePoint Server is delivered as private cloud, installed on an isolated server from other application, dimensioned in order to adapt to the project performance and security requirements.


Resources are allocated according to the number of users. Storage capacity is configured based on the customer needs and requirements. Data communication service is designed to support an estimated data traffic (number of users and amount of data stored).


Exchange Server is monitored by Star Storage specialists in order to function as it should be, service availability being of 99.9%.

  • Exchange Server management interface;
  • User accounts management;
  • Monitoring services;
  • Data migration services;
  • Dedicated hardware resources;
  • Data protected through backup;
  • Data communication services.

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Stop COVID-19! Work DIGITAL with ZERO risks

Stop COVID-19! Work DIGITAL with ZERO risks

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ZERO-DISTANCE Business with
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