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System integration

Star Storage supplies complex services of system integration which include planning, design, implementation, training and support. Working with the best technological platforms Star Storage offers both standard solutions and also customized solutions specific for certain industries in order to support the customer's need.

The systems' integration is a complex process

It includes planning, projecting, management of the project and the implementation of the solution which addresses to the specific problems of technical or business nature. Our services of systems' integration minimize the risk associated with the implementation of the large IT projects. We can offer the support necessary to carry out specific analysis and to adopt the best methodologies for the purpose of obtaining the maximum of advantages from the use of the IT technologies: cost reduction, improvement of the answers at the market's need, the improvement of the services for clients.

In the evaluation process our technical consultants examine the current range of technologies - old and new - and establish which is the most suitable to the needs of your organization. You will receive thus a single and flexible solution which is proper for your business plans. The design and the implementation of an IT system must take into account not only the current requirements but also those which will appear in the future due to the business development. Our close partnerships with the most important IT suppliers and knowing the products and their development strategies will be able to help you take the right decisions.


Our configuration services will assure you that your particular solution is transformed into a standard construction which can be installed and exploited trustfully. The configuration and test processes of the hardware and software ensemble are elaborated carefully by our specialists.


The informational technology is essential for most of the business systems which are implemented in the present. Very few out of these operate isolated and this leads to the more accentuated need of complex integration projects which establish the new requests for the IT infrastructure. To face this complexity the system designers within the team Star Storage creates sophisticated architecture with implications upon the existent systems and networks in your company.


The designed solution must be implemented quickly as the launch time on the market is critical and the delay costs can be very high. The implementation is probably the most risky stage of an IT project but we own the necessary abilities to manage the risk for you. We can guarantee that the delivery of the products is made on time and the personnel involved in the implementation stage is well organized and observes the deadline established so that the IT solution can be finalized without delay, limiting to the allocated budget.

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Stop COVID-19! Work DIGITAL with ZERO risks

Stop COVID-19! Work DIGITAL with ZERO risks

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ZERO-DISTANCE Business with
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