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Azure Documents Archiving (powered by SEAL)
SEAL provides a unified enterprise archiving and records management platform that stores unstructured content and related metadata in a single, consolidated repository. SEAL enables organizations to preserve and unleash the value of their information assets while providing a secured compliant environment on Microsoft Azure.
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Virtual Data Room
Financial institutions continue to struggle with information overload and paper processing. Legacy systems can’t manage all types of content that are part of the case. Virtual customer file is thus the right solution.
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The back-up and restore solutions allow companies to significantly improve their data protection activities and to implement a huge range of services. This is applicable even for those companies that generate large data volumes.
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In the current business environment highly competitive the information is the most important resource of organizations, and that, in most cases is found in documents on paper. Capture systems (scanning, cataloging) of information represents the first step in the performance of the information management, allowing the conversion of documents from physical format into electronic format, as well as extracting the informations required from them.
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Mobile Customer Enrollment
Empower your field force and enroll more customers Especially created for your mobile sales force to help drive in more contracts and customers this solution increases your office independence and ultimately streamlines your revenue. Be where your customers are! Be Mobile!Get more contracts rolling without worrying about your client's location and streamline new customer registration activities within your company IT systems such as BI, ERP, CRM!
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Enterprise Records Management
At a fraction of a cost usually payed for classical ECM system, SEAL is an enterprise information archiving and records management system that enables you to capture, transform, and index and securely manage your entire electronic archive, while still maintaining the necessary compliance and governance tool sets.
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Physical Documents Archiving Services
The Romanian legislation requires that archiving physical documents to be done by respecting existent regulations (no metallic parts, folders must have a standard label format), and because of that Star Storage provides Physical Documents Archiving services according to Law.
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Paper Archive Management Services
Organizations today face many challenges: sky rocketing volumes of data, a worldwide tightening of regulatory and compliance requirements, a growing need for litigation preparedness, and the reality of budget constraints.
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StarVault Cloud Server
Virtual servers are the alternative to physical servers (hardware), available as a service with a monthly cost. This service is available to clients that require a fast and automatically server provisioning without initial investments costs.
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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
StarVault VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) is a virtualization service for workstations (Desktops/Laptops), by migrating operating systems images, applications and data, on a centralized private cloud platform.
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HR Document Management and Automation (powered by SEAL)
With SEAL for HR you can digitize and streamline the processing of document-centric tasks, providing HR departments but also every single employee (through self-service) with improved efficiency and reduced cycle time, while highly reducing the potential for human error.
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Legacy ECM Replacement (powered by SEAL)
Frequently, traditional ECM (Enterprise Content Management) software is used mainly for unified content repository, archiving and records management, which translates into high maintenance & operational costs and poor user experience. Due to inflexible platforms and lack of advanced records management capabilities we are seeing a surge in the number of unhappy customers and thus huge business opportunity to decommission/replace legacy ECM.
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