Advanced Document and Data Capture for Microsoft SharePoint

Advanced Document and Data Capture for Microsoft SharePoint

Information is a key resource within every company. Star Capture, our innovative multi-channel solution (in branch, mobile, from home) for Advanced Document and Data Capture, enables organizations to act and adapt quickly to market needs by getting information from paper, quickly and accurately, enriching and increasing the Usage for Microsoft SharePoint.


  • 80% of the exchanged information is contained in documents;
  • A paper file is currently copied 19 times;
  • For every 1 Euro spent on creating a document, there is a 3 Euro management cost;
  • 60% of employees spend over an hour to recreate documents that already exist;
  • Professionals spent up to 15% of their time reading the documents and up to 50% searching them;
  • Companies spend 12 Euro to classify a document, 80 Euro to find a wrongly classified document and 150 Euro to recreate a lost document;
  • 7,5% of all documents are lost and 3% from remaining documents are wrongly classified;
  • More, user interest in mobile engagement is high and growing: mobile banking, mobile payments, mobile banking, mobile coupons, mobile commerce.


This solution delivers a simpler way to free up storage space in SharePoint (content offloading), improves response time and system availability and solves performance issues caused by large volumes of database tables or old transaction data.

StarCapture Suite - A Complete Platform for All Capture Needs
Information is a key resource within a company.
StarCapture enables organizations to act and adapt quickly to market needs by getting information from paper, quickly and accurately. StarCapture is not a single product but an entire suite, designed to supply for all capturing data needs of today's companies.

Collect and Ingest Unstructured Content - StarCapture is an integrated document and data capture platform with advanced document capture capabilities.

Data extraction - Data extraction capabilities that transform unstructured content into useful knowledge and help businesses to run more efficiently by transforming paper into digital assets.
Classifying & sorting - Classifying & sorting by classifying, sorting and extracting data from documents in paper, fax and electronic formats.
Document Generation, Electronic and Biometric Signature - Biometric digitalized signature technology allows to sign documents in an electronic format from the origin, with no need of paper.


  • Reduces the costs and time for customers and employees interactionsthrough the use of desktop and mobile devices for data form recognition, document composition, and biometric signatures
  • Offers advanced document imaging workflows platform for enterprise processing centers
  • Offers an improved user interface for document capture with all imaging functionalities included and best existing data model flexibility for business user
  • Enrich and Increase Usage for Microsoft SharePoint, while using an innovative multi-channel solution for Advanced Document and Data Capture

Smart Solutions built on top of Advanced Products

Document and Data Capture

A complete platform to extract data from paper documents.

An application that converts paper documents into an electronic format, so that the information is made available easy and quick, through a single click. By integrating StarCapture with other systems (for instance, ERP or CRM Document Management systems), the information initially included in paper documents is immediately made available to all the users.

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