Azure SAP Archiving

What is Azure SAP Archiving?

SEAL Content Library Services for SAP brings together the extensive information archiving functionalities of SEAL Unified Records Management system, based on the power of SAP. Like never before, you can reduce your SAP footprint, cut costs, gain smarter utilization of IT resources and ensure leaner systems, while boosting SAP archive usage from a powerful yet simple interface that your line of business users will enjoy. In order to support our customers who wish to move to the Microsoft cloud using the Microsoft Azure platform, we offer solutions that are supported on Azure.
  • Large storage footprint due to duplicated content: SAP database typically increases by 5% to 10% with each SAP release;
  • Fines and lost revenue due to compliance issues: legislative and legal requirements urge SAP administrators to protect the data and make it available for later retrieval to avoid audit and lawsuits costs for delays in eDiscovery procedures;
  • Poor user experience due to complex SAP interface.
  • Low business insight due to poor access to information: 90% of SAP users are experiencing monthly performance problems caused by large volumes of database tables or old transaction data;
  • Overwhelming volume of data and high costs for primary storage: 70% of SAP customers worldwide have no idea how big their database is or its growth rate;


Reliably run your mission critical SAP and other workloads on Azure, the enterprise cloud platform that offers you scalability, flexibility, and compliance needs.

Unleash the full power of your SAP engine and global coverage of Microsoft Azure deployments with a solution that empowers you to:

  • Archive SAP data files (ADK files) from any SAP business suite application - in order to reduce SAP database footprint, improve the overall performance and free up additional disk space on the SAP system;
  • Unstructured Content Offloading / Archive SAP business documents and associated metadata (business objects attributes for each archived/linked document);
  • Archive SAP Print Lists to reduce SAP footprint while cutting cost;
  • Enable SAP users to easily access and display from SAP user interface documents that are now stored in SEAL repository extending and boosting the value of standard SAP data archiving;
  • Enable non-SAP users to access, view and share documents directly from SEAL user interface for improved user experience.

Boost the value of standard SAP data archiving!

  • Flexible browsing perspectives to reach the business content just the way users think about it (no more fixed files and folders hierarchies).
  • Advanced and simple document search and retrieval features.
  • Individual or bulk content download/export (based on security permissions).
  • Metadata-driven search templates and subscriptions.
  • Get instant access to archived information within your business context.
  • Store, share, synchronize, protect, preserve, analyze and retrieve file data in a single system.


  • SEAL provides a secure and scalable Universal Content Repository on top of Azure with powerful but simple user interface for non-IT / business users;
  • Free up SAP storage space, improve response time, increase system availability and solve performance issues;
  • Stay in control of SAP data growth while reducing the TCO of your SAP system;
  • Gain smarter utilization of IT resources and leaner systems;
  • Reduce the pressure on IT personnel with faster backup and recovery windows and smoother SAP upgrade deployments;
  • Affordable licenses, fast implementation and lower maintenance costs;
  • Ensure compliance and reduce company exposure;
  • Run SEAL Content Library Services for SAP in an elastic, scalable and redundant hosted environment with Microsoft Azure;
  • SEAL delivers the SAP connector using SAP standard technologies (HTTP Content Server & SAP JCO);
  • Enable long-term SAP data archiving processes. SEAL on top of HCP storage platform empowers automation and more complete and secure data archiving and storage processes;
  • Significantly improve user experience. Enable line of business users, without the help of specialized IT personnel, to easily apply retention policies, to control disposal, maintaining document life-cycle governance.
  • Reduce your SAP footprint; focus on business, not technology with zero capital expenditure (capex), pay-per-use operations that are headache free;
  • Facilitates data reuse at a later time, with SEAL advanced or simple search and retrieve features.

Smart Solutions built on top of Advanced Products

Unified Information Governance, Archiving and Records Management

Connect, capture, index, share and securely manage your entire electronic archive while maintaining compliance.

At a fraction of the cost usually paid for classical ECM systems, SEAL is an enterprise information archiving system that enables you to capture, transform, index and securely manage your entire electronic archive, while still maintaining the necessary compliance and governance toolsets.

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