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What is cloud server?

Virtual servers are the alternative to physical servers (hardware), available as a service with a monthly cost. This service is available to clients that require a fast and automatically server provisioning without initial investments costs.
  • Hardware platform used for virtualization is redundant for maximized availability (99.9%);
  • System may be scaled while in production (resources might be added/removed with proportional costs);
  • Data is stored on a protected isolated environment (they do not leave Star Storage Data Center from Bucharest, Romania);
  • Windows Server license is included in monthly fee.


Cloud Server is a virtualized server accessible remotely, delivered as a service form an environment virtualized with Microsoft Hyper-V technology. Service activation is on request, within minutes from order. Service is delivered exclusively within Star Storage Data Center.


Hardware infrastructure used for virtualization is based on many servers (nodes), configures as a cluster, in order to insure high availability in case of hardware failure. In this case, another server, considered spare is used for resource re-allocation. System functionalities are not interrupted and performance is not affected.


Data is stored in a dedicated Storage Area Network (SAN). Storage equipments are configured for disc protection with various RAID configurations and interfaces are fully redundant (multiple FC interfaces).


Star Storage operates and monitors Internet access services. Many telecom providers are accommodated on a fully redundant telecom platform that delivers both service availability as security and data protection.


Cloud Server is activated automatically after the order is finalized on portal. Registered user is notified with access credentials on email.


  • Guaranteed performance due to reserved processing power (CPU/RAM);
  • Protected storage space allocated on enterprise SAN;
  • Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization technology;
  • Availability due to hardware redundancy;
  • Availability due to virtualized environment features;
  • Automatic load and balancing of virtual servers on hosts;
  • Possibility to configure as disaster recovery site;
  • Integrated telecom services.

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Stop COVID-19! Work DIGITAL with ZERO risks

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ZERO-DISTANCE Business with
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