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WHAT IS Doctors & Patients Portal?

For better healthcare management, better medical services and a better life now you have a solution which allows your clinic and medical personnel to remotely interact with your patients in a safe and friendly environment.

StarVault e-Health for PATIENTS

With Status e-Health patients will be able to:

  • Access to their virtual medical file,
  • Update their medical profile,
  • Search for the best doctors,
  • Interact with them in a secure and managed way and review the quality of medical services.

StarVault e-Health offers:

  • A secure place to consolidate all the patients’ medical information;
  • Get in touch on-line with specialized medical staff for fast medical service;
  • Track and maintain a history of your medication;
  • Monitor your health parameters and check their evolution over time using graphic charts;
  • Mobile application that offers any time secured access to the patient medical status;
  • Monitors and keeps your medication history and that can be also tracked through mobile equipment.

Status e-Health for DOCTORS

Status e-Health provides:

  • One-click access to patient complete and updated medical history, even from mobile devices;
  • Ability to fill in patient related medical information including pictures uploaded directly from the phone;
  • An environment promoting personal expertise to attract and retain patients;
  • A secure channel for direct communication with their patients;
  • Updating real-time virtual patient records using mobile devices;
  • Secure channel for communication with patients;
  • The ability to receive feedback from patients in real time, which helps to improve the activity.

With Status e-Health doctors will be able to:

  • Have easy access to complete patient medical history from any desktop or mobile device;
  • Update patient records with ease and upload images directly from your smartphone when necessary;
  • Promote your expertise to enable patients in need of your help to find you easily;
  • Secure channel to communicate with your patients.

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A healthcare hub for better services and a better life.

A solution for electronic medical records management and patient engagement, offering a better way to enable doctors and other medical services provider’s staff to interact with patients in a secure and friendly environment.

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