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WHAT IS Doctors & Patients Portal?

For better healthcare management, better medical services and a better life now you have a solution which allows your clinic and medical personnel to remotely interact with your patients in a safe and friendly environment.

StarVault e-Health for PATIENTS

With Status e-Health patients will be able to:

  • Access to their virtual medical file,
  • Update their medical profile,
  • Search for the best doctors,
  • Interact with them in a secure and managed way and review the quality of medical services.

StarVault e-Health offers:

  • A secure place to consolidate all the patients’ medical information;
  • Get in touch on-line with specialized medical staff for fast medical service;
  • Track and maintain a history of your medication;
  • Monitor your health parameters and check their evolution over time using graphic charts;
  • Mobile application that offers any time secured access to the patient medical status;
  • Monitors and keeps your medication history and that can be also tracked through mobile equipment.

Status e-Health for DOCTORS

Status e-Health provides:

  • One-click access to patient complete and updated medical history, even from mobile devices;
  • Ability to fill in patient related medical information including pictures uploaded directly from the phone;
  • An environment promoting personal expertise to attract and retain patients;
  • A secure channel for direct communication with their patients;
  • Updating real-time virtual patient records using mobile devices;
  • Secure channel for communication with patients;
  • The ability to receive feedback from patients in real time, which helps to improve the activity.

With Status e-Health doctors will be able to:

  • Have easy access to complete patient medical history from any desktop or mobile device;
  • Update patient records with ease and upload images directly from your smartphone when necessary;
  • Promote your expertise to enable patients in need of your help to find you easily;
  • Secure channel to communicate with your patients.

Smart Solutions built on top of Advanced Products

Digital, Mobile & Connected Healthcare

A healthcare hub for better services and a better life.

A solution for electronic medical records management and patient engagement, offering a better way to enable doctors and other medical services provider’s staff to interact with patients in a secure and friendly environment.

You no longer need to imagine an ecosystem of connected, engaged and healthier patients that have their entire healthcare information securely available anytime, anywhere, on their desktops, tables or smartphones.  Doctors, healthcare providers and insurance companies around the globe are already using STATUS on a daily bases to treat more patients, get reimbursed faster and stay ahead of change.

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