Connect you existing ECMs with a powerful, modern and compliant content storage.

What is ECM Compliant Content Storage?

Organization like yours are now working with loads of data and face the challenge of staying compliant with laws and industry regulations. Access the power of metadata and migrate content without disruption, staying cost efficient and with no impact on users or your business.


  Securely store business data

  • Use of the ECM applications at its best without interruptions
  • Stay compliant with laws and industry regulations

 Business Implication:

  • Silent data loss with EMC applications;
  • Loss of valuable data and content alteration;
  • Complex, laborious and time consuming operations for the IT team;
  • Poor user experience for enterprise information archive use case (store, browse, search, retrieve);
  • Unable to individually restore deleted document content and metadata with no downtime;
  • Limitations of the legacy ECMs (no multi-tenancy, difficult back-up and restore process, difficult automatic failover and failback processes);
  • Valuable disk space blocked due to the high volume of files stored in a disk file system;
  • Lack of a defined back-up procedure; of a secured system to store the data and a retention policy set at the storage level in order to prevent content deletion;
  • Limited eDiscovery options.

 High maintenance costs with:

  • software maintenance renewals and support contracts;
  • document capture component
  • maintaining and upgrading legacy WORM devices

  Business Implication:

  • Impact on the company profitability
  • Low productivity due to the permanent interruption of the ECM business application


With StarConnectors for HCP you can connect your existing ECM (Documentum, Alfresco) with a powerful, modern and compliant content storage, replace old storage systems and migrate content without disruptions, considering each environment needs and infrastructure.
  • Scalable: uses fastest and best technology to link the two systems (http/https), through two distinct components – one to push content and one to get it on request;
  • No impact on users: all operations are transparent to any application using Documentum;
  • No restrictions: Documentum core functions to manage documents and to apply Documentum level retention can be fully used in the normal way.


StarConnectors for HCP was designed to improve EMC Documentum/Alfresco environments and empower them to use HCP as an external storage area and as a WORM storage option.

Protection and replication

  • Self-configuring and self-healing with automated enforcement, failover, and integrity checks
  • Ensures specified number of replica copies are maintained to tolerate simultaneous points of failure
  • Retains multiple versions of files for easy recovery in case of accidental changes or deletions
  • Policies enforce document retention, authentication, and file replication to secure valuable digital assets

Immutability and retention

  • Write-once, read-many file system where content is stored in an immutable format with the ability to set file-level retention


  • Protects content from being recovered from stolen media using patented Secret Sharing technology
  • Transparently encrypts all content, metadata, and search indexes

Duplicate elimination

  • Find and inspect duplicates
  • Remove duplicates but maintain integrity

The filename and folder stored in HCP is exactly as on the file system used by Documentum

  • Advantage: familiar to Documentum system administrators, simplifies any extreme cases data recovery

The complete document metadata (system and custom) is copied to HCP and stored in such a way (XML) it can be reused for searches inside HCP

  • Advantage: documents can be found in HCP even if Documentum is down. The full information is archived so it could be recovered in case of a disaster.

Documentum replica objects can also be archived

  • Supports the scenario in which HCP acts as an archive on a replicated Documentum target (e.g. a Disaster Recovery location)

Supports Documentum content encryption - if the file is encrypted (e.g. Trusted Content Services) it will keep the encryption also in the archive

  • Advantage: encrypted content can be archived without compromising security and maintaining it transparent for the Documentum end user

File compression

  • Reduces the physical size of the data stored in Hitachi Content Platform
  • Enables greater storage efficiencies and scalability and enhances TCO


Enhanced Compliance and Information Governance

  • External (to application server and users) storage area
  • WORM storage option
  • Inherent HCP resiliency (“backup-less”)
  • Enforce retention at storage level
  • “Shredding” and “holding” options independent of application
  • Prevents unintentional/unplanned deletions of content


  • Migrate content without disruption / no impact on users
  • Connect ECM applications with HCP with no impact to core document management functions
  • All operations are transparent to the user

Improved IT architecture, data protection and availability

  • Simplify backup and restore procedures; Reduce the backup footprint by moving to HCP the files which don’t need to be modified;
  • Enable private-cloud architecture with HCP multi-tenancy;
  • Leverage failover, replication etc.;
  • Improved recovery options with automatic failover and fallback with HCP replication (both HCP replication modes supported: Active-Passive and Active-Active)

Improved content availability / eDiscovery support

  • Aggregate both content and metadata on HCP therefore allowing searches to be performed independent of the ECM applications availability (or encompassing multiple sources).

Smart Solutions built on top of Advanced Products

Star Documentum Connector for HCP

Connecting Legacy ECMs with top Object Storage Platform.

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Connecting Legacy ECMs with top Object Storage

Star Alfresco Connector for Hitachi HCP brings together Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) state of the art content archiving functionality and the great features provided by Alfresco, leading Open Source ECM platform. Seamlessly integrated both for the end user and for the applications, this connector allows repositories to store content inside HCP appliances as an external storage.

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Smart Solutions from our Partners

Hitachi Content Platform

With security and freedom in one solution, you can harness data growth and bridge traditional and emerging technologies to make your data securely available anywhere, anytime.

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Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS)

Software-defined object storage designed for both traditional and next-generation workloads with unmatched scalability, flexibility and resiliency.

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