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Enterprise Records Management

At a fraction of a cost usually payed for classical ECM system, SEAL is an enterprise information archiving and records management system that enables you to capture, transform, and index and securely manage your entire electronic archive, while still maintaining the necessary compliance and governance tool sets.

SEAL is a Simple way to Protect, Access and Manage your Corporate Records.

  • Integrated system for Enterprise Unified Archive; Unified Content Repository – storing, searching and retrieving, navigation and security, viewing, sharing, classification, flexible metadata;
  • Enterprise Records Management System – retention management, file plan, controlled disposal and updates, advanced audit;
  • End-to-end system for Hybrid Archives Management – unified management of physical and electronic archives.


Records Management made MOBILE

Native mobile clients for iOS and Android and CMIS implementation for total mobility.

With SEAL you can unleash anytime, anywhere the power of your corporate information assets just sitting there, in your day to day business processes. Using SEAL mobile application for iOS and Android and CMIS implementation for smooth and inexpensive integration, you can now easily view and access content like never before, from a variety of systems (ERP, BPM, CRM) or devices  such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones).

Records Management delivered from CLOUD

Designed for cloud. Working on-premises or in hybrid environments.

Business is no longer located in your corporate office, so why your business documents should be? You have the freedom to choose what’s best for you: SEAL on-premises (using your existing infrastructure), SEAL on-demand as a cloud service (pay per use, with no initial cost for infrastructure, software or implementation services) or hybrid deployments.

Records Management made SIMPLE

Powerful yet simple interface. Delivering the best user experience.

Intuitive yet powerful interface that will put your mind at ease and transform you into an information superhero. With advanced search and retrieval features, integrated web viewer and unlimited navigational perspectives you can now reach faster that everyone all the business content, exactly the way you think about it. No more fixed files and folders hierarchies to bother with.

Records Management now HYBRID

Best of both worlds. Unified electronic and paper records.

Until now working seamlessly with electronic and paper archives seemed impossible. With SEAL, hybrid archiving just became a reality. With a unified solution you can start today to capture, transform, index and securely manage your entire hybrid archive, leveraging a centralized records management repository that will put you lightyears away in front of your industry.

Solution benefits

  • Archive anything, anytime without losing governance control over the content;
  • Build an electronic archive in a flash ingesting everything from electronic generated content from CRM/ERP to Outlook emails;
  • Dismiss paper documents and reduce physical archiving costs;
  • Become more efficient just by reusing existing documents;
  • Eliminate the risk of losing documents;
  • Free up valuable IT resources - store and view documents without the need for specialized;
  • IT personnel;
  • Get rid of old DMS/ECM and legacy applications costs;
  • Greatly increase productivity using personalized content views from a unified records repository across the entire organization;
  • Powerful and flexible security rules to help you give access to as many employees as needed;
  • Increase collaboration efficiency with third parties due to time-boxed security while keeping information control;
  • Reduce company exposure and mitigate risks with a legal, regulatory and industry compliance electronic archive;
  • Real-time discovery process in litigation or other investigative proceedings;
  • Increased productivity no need to leave the SEAL interface when viewing archived content with the embedded viewer (PDF and PDF-A files, scanned images, Microsoft Word etc.).

Smart Solutions built on top of Advanced Products

A next generation software solution for AI and metadata-driven content efficiency, compliance and process automation.

Connect, capture, index, share and securely manage your entire electronic archive while maintaining compliance.

At a fraction of the cost usually paid for classical ECM systems, SEAL is an enterprise information archiving system that enables you to capture, transform, index and securely manage your entire electronic archive, while still maintaining the necessary compliance and governance toolsets.

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