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Legacy ECM Replacement (powered by SEAL)

Frequently, traditional ECM (Enterprise Content Management) software is used mainly for unified content repository, archiving and records management, which translates into high maintenance & operational costs and poor user experience. Due to inflexible platforms and lack of advanced records management capabilities we are seeing a surge in the number of unhappy customers and thus huge business opportunity to decommission/replace legacy ECM.


  • Organizations are looking to archive and manage multiple content types;
  • Aging on-premises archiving platforms are being replaced by more modern solutions;
  • Need for decommissioning legacy application while still keeping access to their data with lower costs;
  • Mobile access − access to archived content through a mobile web-based browser (smartphone, tablet, laptop, and so forth) and mobile apps for iOS and Android;
  • Enterprise Content Management Companies have more than 15.000 active and mostly unhappy customers;
  • Legacy ECM losing focus on technology and benefits;
  • Limitations of legacy ECM architectures and poor cloud integration and support (no multi-tenancy, difficult back-up and restore process, difficult automatic failover and failback processes);
  • Archiving as a service (a.k.a. cloud archiving) has rapidly surpassed on-premises archiving;
  • Lack of advanced records management capabilities (WORM, retentions, digital shredding, extra cost for specialized records management capabilities etc.);
  • High maintenance costs with the information archiving platform software maintenance renewals, support contracts and with the document capture component;
  • Extra costs for standard functionalities (viewer, records management functionalities, etc.);
  • Poor user experience for unified content repository, archiving and records management use cases;
  • Poor support for mobility of traditional ECM platforms;


StarMigrator Engine - “Application aware” Content migration (objects together with the associated metadata) from legacy ECM to SEAL - the next generation Content Services platform

  • It aggregates both content and metadata on the underlying object storage infrastructure allowing external applications to use it and searches to be performed independent of other systems availability
  • Content migrated can be accessed by other applications from day 1 of the migration process
  • No restrictions added on existing system architecture
  • Can be easily extended to decommission various legacy systems (custom Add-on)

Content Migration Services – Professional services helping you to migrate Legacy Enterprise Content Management solutions to SEAL - the next generation Content Services Platform designed for business users, cloud and mobility era.


Up to 50% Savings on the Content Management Costs. Move to a New Generation ECM and gain a better use of your budgets to grow your business rather than your ECM supplier;

Boost User Adoption with a powerful but simple user interface. Move to a New Generation ECM and empower your line of business users with a powerful but simple interface, easy to use from day one;

Next Gen Architecture designed for Cloud and Mobile-First world. Move to a New Generation ECM and forget about the headaches of your IT Support Team with an always-on architecture;

Mitigate the risks of an uncertain legacy ECMs future. Move to a New Generation ECM and secure your future with the best technology and a certain roadmap.

Secure enhanced content storage and governance

  • External (to application server and users) storage area
  • WORM storage option
  • Inherent object storage resiliency (“backup-less”)
  • Enforce retention at storage level
  • “Shredding” and “holding” options independent of application
  • Prevents unintentional/unplanned deletions of content

Migrate content without disruptions

  • No impact on legacy ECM users
  • No impact to core document management functions
  • All operations are transparent to legacy ECM users


  • Competitive pricing (license & maintenance).
  • Unlimited internal & external users licensed as standard;
  • Great user experience, from desktop to mobile devices;
  • Designed for Cloud, multi-tenant capable;
  • Mobile-Ready with CMIS implementation and native mobile apps;
  • Optimized for fixed content vs. Legacy ECM complexity;
  • Advanced imaging capabilities included as standard - document capture with unlimited OCR and integrated viewer;
  • Dynamic Security - powerful and flexible security rules based on metadata;
  • Information retrieval and discovery-centric, making it easy for the user to find and see the data (perspectives) – vs. the rigidity of legacy ECM;
  • Metadata schema flexibility − dynamic adaptive data model for “IT independent” information governance and “adaptive-schema” indexing;
  • Content encryption and digital signature support;
  • Advanced Records Management with file plan, retention, and holds as standard

Smart Solutions built on top of Advanced Products

Unified Information Governance, Archiving and Records Management

Connect, capture, index, share and securely manage your entire electronic archive while maintaining compliance.

At a fraction of the cost usually paid for classical ECM systems, SEAL is an enterprise information archiving system that enables you to capture, transform, index and securely manage your entire electronic archive, while still maintaining the necessary compliance and governance toolsets.

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Application Aware Content Migration

Content and metadata migration out of multiple systems to HCP.

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Smart Solutions from our Partners

Hitachi Content Platform

With security and freedom in one solution, you can harness data growth and bridge traditional and emerging technologies to make your data securely available anywhere, anytime.

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