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Mobile Customer Enrollment

Empower your field force and enroll more customers Especially created for your mobile sales force to help drive in more contracts and customers this solution increases your office independence and ultimately streamlines your revenue. Be where your customers are! Be Mobile!Get more contracts rolling without worrying about your client's location and streamline new customer registration activities within your company IT systems such as BI, ERP, CRM!

Apply signatures on the document, using only the tablet device, validating them automatically with the recorded signature specimen. You can apply electronic signatures secured with digital certificates for complete trust.


We know that mobility and agile responses to your customer enquiries are hard to get competitive advantages! With StarCapture Mobile you now have right at your fingertips an out-of-the-box solution to help you bring in more business directly from customer's location!


Now available both as on premises solution or as a service with zero initial investment so your acquisition director will love it! Access a simple and efficient solution to help you take the relationship with your customers to the next level by signing or renewing  contracts with just a few taps on your tablet or clicks on your computer (PC's or laptops).


Automatically collect with no errors all identification data for your customers, directly from their ID's, with a simple screen tap and fill in directly, simple and hassle free, captured data patterns in contracts or in other forms!

Using StarCapture Mobile you will manage to:

  • reduce enrollment errors and to increase data processing speed;
  • obtain more time for consultative sales with your customers;
  • improve the quality of  introducing new products and services;
  • improve your company image by using a stat-of-the art technology;
  • be present in the customer location to conclude more contracts;
  • have an improved data security and traceability;
  • reduce operational risks.

How does it work?

StarCapture Mobile will amaze your sales force and your customers will love  doing business with you even more. It offers results and a great user experience.

Using the new  features of Windows 8.1 operating system for tablets and computers (PC's or laptops) and the power of StarCapture, an enterprise grade data capture system developed by Star Storage, customer data immediately get recognized directly from photos taken with a mobile device and are used to automatically fill-in documents such as offers, contracts, and enrollment packages.


Furthermore all captured data are integrated with content management systems existent in your company, so that you can process them more efficiently, depending on the specifics of each activity.


Powerful characteristics to drive more sales:

  • user friendly interface - can be used by end customer directly;
  • configure sales packages and publish them to the entire salesforce;
  • manage devices, users and permissions;
  • manage salesforce assignments;
  • salesperson individual activity reporting and monitoring;
  • automatically updates from central server.

Who can use it?

Any company, regardless the industry, which wants to build a powerful and mobile sales force, in order to be present in the field by interacting directly with the final customer.
No matter if you work in insurance, sales, distribution, health or any other field involving direct interaction with the client application, StarCapture Mobile is for sure the best choice for your business success! Learn more now from Star Storage experts!


StarCapture Mobile application is available both as a service, in cloud on monthly subscription basis and on premises directly to your company headquarter, through installation and integration with the actual content management system. Forget about time consuming configurations or long term deployments!


Your sales force has now access to a mobile office which will allow them to increase the number of signed contracts and to attend customers regardless of their location.


With StarCapture Mobile there is no need to reintroduce data in different content management systems and create an updated database with real data to quickly bring you a larger number of customers and streamline your revenue! Call us today to find out more or download the application directly from Microsoft AppStore!

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Multi-Channel Platform for Document and Data Capture & Customer Engagement

Completely change the way you interact with your customers, rediscover your sales force mobility and get more contracts rolling.

a multi-channel platform for document and data capture & customer engagement and an innovative solution, aligned with current trends of digital transformation and mobility adopted by top companies around the world.

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Stop COVID-19! Work DIGITAL with ZERO risks

Stop COVID-19! Work DIGITAL with ZERO risks

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ZERO-DISTANCE Business with
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