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Star Storage offers turn-key solutions that stand out due to their functionalities, characteristics and quality. These solutions are based on the latest technology from industry worldwide leading manufacturers.

Challenges related to the management of information security:

  • Confidentiality;
  • Data integrity;
  • Information availability;
  • Monitoring and recording of relevant information for ensuring IT security;
  • Auditing, obtaining proof that shows that the IT systems comply with the security standards (SOX, Basel II, PCI, ISO 27001 etc.).

Threats on the IT systems:

  • Unauthorized access to the IT network or to an IT system;
  • Changing the identity - entities (users or software applications) manage to enter the network under another identity;
  • Denial-of-Service - users are prevented by another entity (users or applications) to use certain services or systems, which they normally have the right to access;
  • Malicious software:  viruses, worms, Trojan horses, backdoors, spyware;
  • Traffic analysis, the observance by intruding entities of the length, frequency and destination of the sent messages, of the used protocols etc.;
  • Data modification or destruction by legal or illegal users in the system;
  • Disclaiming, which means that users refuse to admit they carried out certain actions in the system;
  • Illegal association, which implies false logical connections between different users of the network, by breaching the security policy;

Star Storage solutions

<p>Star Storage offers turn-key solutions that boast functionalities, characteristics and quality, created by the most important producers in the field. The Star Storage expertise comprises of, but does not limit itself to Firewall / VPN solutions, Intrusion Detection / Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS/ IDS), Unified Threat Management (UTM), Vulnerability Management, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Security Information Monitoring System (SIEM), Application Delivery, Content Security etc.</p>

Benefits of the IT security solutions provided by Star Storage:

  • Protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information;
  • Provide technological support for the development and deployment of the enterprise's security policy;
  • Ensure that business operations are carried out in a safe IT environment;
  • Facilitates the identification and management of security events and of areas of vulnerability and allows their adequate notification and solving;
  • Help enterprises to identify and observe compliance demands, legal requests and contractual obligations.


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Stop COVID-19! Work DIGITAL with ZERO risks

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