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What is virtual desktop infrastructure?

StarVault VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) is a virtualization service for workstations (Desktops/Laptops), by migrating operating systems images, applications and data, on a centralized private cloud platform.

This service is an alternative to workstations with local operating system and improves data security and operating costs through standardization, data isolation and resources centralization.


StarVault VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) is especially created for your needs because:

  • Data on desktops are protected and stored centralized;
  • Workstation maintenance is simplified  by standardization and automation;
  • Resources are dedicated on a complete redundant platform and with 99.9% availability;
  • From the management control panel users can create or modify users, add resources and monitor load and quality parameters;
  • Virtualization licenses are included in service.


Star Storage provides necessary resources on the virtualized platform, on which virtual desktops are installed.


IT equipment are installed in Star Storage Data Center located in Bucharest, platform being functional as a private cloud (all the hardware resources are dedicated). The VDI platform is designed in order to guarantee maximum availability, scalability and performance, so all systems are duplicated and interconnected, in order to avoid dependence of a single element (single point of failure).


Hardware architecture is based on multiple servers (nodes), configured in cluster, so as data protection is assured in case hardware failures (High Availability). If one of the servers fails, resources are allocated from the reserved area, in order not interrupt the functionality. System performance will not be affected.


Data is stored in storage network devices (SAN), equipment being protected on disk level and redundant communications interfaces (data access is made through multiple, redundant FC interfaces).


You can manage the entire environment from the administration interface, being able to control available resources on the virtualized platform: you can install, turn off or turn on desktops, allocate/deallocate resources, setup rights and policies. The utilization of hardware resources can be monitored in real time reports.


Access to data communication services (Internet, VPN, dedicated lines) is provided either through dedicated serviced, configured in relation with expected performance objectives and business continuity.


This service is configured based on an analysis of existent equipment, applications that will run and required performance goals.


  • Desktops management interface;
  • Processing power is ensured by ensuring resources (CPU/RAM);
  • Protected storage capacity allocated on enterprise equipments (SAN);
  • Microsoft HyperV virtualization platform;
  • Citrix Desktop virtualization platform;
  • Hardware protection;
  • Virtualization protection;
  • Automatic workload balancing of virtual machines;
  • Dedicated data communication services.

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Stop COVID-19! Work DIGITAL with ZERO risks

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