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Azure Virtual Care (powered by STATUS)
Leveraging mobile technologies medical staff is now empowered to virtually interact with the patients regardless of their location in a secured and friendly environment eliminating the need for frequent medical appointments while cutting operational costs and increasing medical act efficiency and geographic coverage. With the integration with Microsoft Skype for Business STATUS is designed to take the interaction between patient and healthcare industry (doctors, healthcare providers and insurance companies) to the next level – Zero-Distance Healthcare
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Azure Documents Archiving (powered by SEAL)
SEAL provides a unified enterprise archiving and records management platform that stores unstructured content and related metadata in a single, consolidated repository. SEAL enables organizations to preserve and unleash the value of their information assets while providing a secured compliant environment on Microsoft Azure.
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Azure SAP Archiving and Content Offloading (powered by SEAL)
SEAL Content Library Services for SAP brings together the extensive information archiving functionalities of SEAL Unified Records Management system, based on the power of SAP. Like never before, you can reduce your SAP footprint, cut costs, gain smarter utilization of IT resources and ensure leaner systems, while boosting SAP archive usage from a powerful yet simple interface that your line of business users will enjoy. In order to support our customers who wish to move to the Microsoft cloud using the Microsoft Azure platform, we offer solutions that are supported on Azure.
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Azure Clinical Long-Term Archiving (powered by STATUS)
The medical system faces the outstanding task of managing the surging volume and increased dispersion of administrative healthcare data, while also providing fast and effective medical services. With the help of our robust solution, STATUS delivered from Azure, Microsoft's public cloud computing platform, for accessing, organizing, storing and protecting administrative and healthcare documents, you can now focus on your medical services while reducing the time for administrative activities.
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