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About Star Storage Foundation

The Star Storage Foundation is a charity non-profit Romanian NGO, that focuses on achieving and involving in campaigns, programs and social projects that actively contribute to problems solving and development of the Romanian society.

Let's introduce ourselves

The Star Storage Foundation was born from the desire of Star Storage team to help people in need and support valuable young exceptional people, students and young researchers who have an idea and want to put it into practice, promoting entrepreneurship and the people who have the ability to make things happen.

The Star Storage Foundation was founded based on the Star Storage experience of over 12 years in the development, support and active involvement in the social responsibility campaigns that have positive real effects in the Romanian society. We, at Star Storage, consider that it is our responsibility towards the community in which we operate to initiate, develop and support projects that contribute to the sustainable development of our society.

Key focus areas

At Star Storage, we have a clear commitment to help people in need, to support growth and to make our planet a better place. We take seriously our responsibilities and we have several focus area we are committed to.


Helping people


Supporting development

Passion for good

Race for Life must go on

"The race for life must go on" is a dedicated to fund raising campaign, meant to help diagnose leukemia in children and teenagers, as well as the early detection of infection in immunosuppressed / transplanted patients, by the procurement of state-of-the-art medical equipment and by the improving of the molecular genetics laboratories' conditions.

In Romania, there are more than 5,000 children and adolescents diagnosed with leukemia and other cancers that are hospitalized and this number grows annually with around 500 cases. Many of these patients have socially disadvantaged backgrounds.

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Blood is Life

"Blood is Life" is a Star Storage Foundation campaign which was launched by the Star Storage company in December 2012. This campaign was taken over by Star Storage Foundation in May 2013 when it was founded.

Through the "Blood is Life" campaign Star Storage Foundation & Star Storage set the following objectives:

Endowment of Bucharest Blood Transfusion Center with European standards equipment;
Informing the general public about the need for benevolent, voluntary and unpaid involvement in blood donation with positive impact in increasing the number of blood donors in Romania.

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Support for development


"I believe in Romania" is a social responsibility program developed several years by Star Storage, very different from previous initiatives.

Due to the projects implemented, this program aims to achieve the following objectives:

public awareness for issues as wasting of real valuable young talented people, their negative effects and consequences on medium and long term;
promoting entrepreneurship and outstanding people with the ability of making things happen.

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Your contribution

There are several ways to help. Those who want to get involved in supporting Star Storage Foundation programs can do it by:

  • Direct donations to the accounts of Star Storage Foundation, opened at UniCredit Bank, "Rosetti" Branch
    Star Storage Foundation Account is BACX RO52 0000 0008 5451 7001
  • Your Corporate Donation of 20% of the corporate income tax until December 31st


20% of the corporate income tax may be redirected by companies to support Star Storage Foundation programs. In order for it to be deducted from the income tax for 2015 fiscal year, the amount redirected must be paid until December 31st and cannot be greater than 3 ‰ of the turnover. Companies can redirect some of their income tax by signing a sponsorship agreement with the Star Storage Foundation, available here.

  • Your Personal Donation of 2% of the income tax until May 25th


One way that you can contribute without really affecting your personal budget is to donate 2% of your income tax to the Star Storage Foundation. The annual deadline to submit your form is 25th of May, so those of you willing to do this please hurry. You can redirected 2% of the income tax by completing Form 230 (which is already filled with Star Storage Foundation data). It can be downloaded by clicking the following link: Form – 230.
Freelancers can also redirect 2% of the income tax by filling the Form 200. It can be downloaded by accessing the clicking link: Form – 200.
Please send this information to your friends and any other who would like to join us and contribute to Good. Is a simple support and is without any effort - this money are anyway paid.

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