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Star Storage receives the award for Best EMC Storage Partner

Star Storage, a top vendor of storage, archiving and information management solutions for private and public organizations in Romania, receives for the second year consecutive the award for"Best EMC Storage Partner".The distinction awarded this year at the event organized by Avnet Technology Solutions, in Poiana Brasov, at the end of February, is a recognition of goals met in storage solutions and good relationships with the market leader, the EMC technology supplier.


Star Storage is an EMC partner for over 14 years, relationship constantly based on good communication, real understanding of customer needs and identifying the best business solutions to position the information of a company as the most important asset, by delivering solutions and software services integrated with cut of the edge technology, providing beneficiaries capitalization of a full business potential.


Star Storage is always following the same strategy in relation with its customers, to add as much value in all large and complex implemented projects. Value always mean professionalism and use of latest advanced technologies, such as those offered by EMC, but also constantly trained and certified professionals to deliver the highest quality solutions and identify essential alternatives. The aim is to respond effectively even to most demanding customer needs.

 "Every customer is a challenge that we assume with great responsibility and we always want to offer them, together with our technology partners, the best solutions. And more than that, we want to facilitate every client the access to building and managing their own intelligent infrastructure, flexible and secure. The fact that we were awarded two consecutive years with this distinction gives us confidence that we do well what we have proposed and determin us to identify new opportunities to improve the solutions we offer, but also to strengthen our relationship with EMC by each project we are delivering together. In 2016 we are confident that we will deliver to our clients exceptional new projects based on EMC storage technologies. We notise that more and more private companies and public sector institutions, understand the real need for secure and performant storage infrastructure, which allow both reducing the risks may significantly impact the current activity and but also achieving substantial cost savings associated with information management.", declared Cătălin Păunescu, CEO Star Storage.


Star Storage solutions portfolio include a wide range of EMC technologies, as storage, archiving and data protection systems, virtualization, cloud, capture and content management platforms (eg. VMAX, VNX, VPLEX, XtremIO, Isilon, ViPR, Data Domain, NetWorker, Avamar, Captiva, Documentum, etc.) that allow private companies and public institutions to administrate, use, protect and distribute valuable data in an efficient, safe and profitable environment.


Avnet Technology Solutions is a global IT solutions distributor of enterprise computing solutions, services, software and hardware. At the same time, the company is also one of the leading EMC distributors in Romania, always available to partners to create and deliver market led solutions, but also market revenue-generating opportunities.


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Stop COVID-19! Work DIGITAL with ZERO risks

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