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Star Storage supports Romanian students competing in the international competition Infomatrix

Bucharest, May 15th, 2018. Star Storage, a global technology provider developing and delivering state-of-the-art information protection and governance solutions, attended also this year the finals of the international competition Infomatrix supporting the Romanian students with IT abilities.


At its 16th edition, Infomatrix is an international computer project competition, born from a desire to promote professional excellence and intercultural dialogue through the involvement of students and teachers from all around the world.

The final of the competition, which brought together 747 participants from 43 countries with the age between 11 – 18 years, took place in Bucharest this May, 11th – 13th. The jury had to validate 339 projects in the following categories: Programming, Computer Art, Hardware Control, Short Movie, Robotics, Drone and Maze.

Romania was represented by 234 students with 117 projects participating in the final, many of them getting on the stage next to other brilliant students.


Star Storage believes in performance at any level, which is also reflected in the involvement in many projects of personal and professional development for hundreds of children over the past 10 years, carried out through the I Believe in Romania program. Within Infomatrix competition, besides judging the projects the Programming category, Star Storage offered a special prize to Alexandru Turcanu, a 17-year-old Romanian olympic student.

He developed an application that scans bills from various merchants and provides users information regarding the spendings in some stores or restaurants weekly, monthly or yearly. Access to the application is of two types – child or parent, so parents can check and monitor children’s transactions.


“It is the second consecutive year when we choose to support this contest. It is amazing the knowledge level of all students who reach the Infomatrix finals, the cultural diversity and their interest for exchanging ideas. During the three-day competition I saw how students from countries around the world shared their knowledge, experience and made new friends.

The projects presented are mostly responsive to existing needs in their countries, whether we are talking about solutions for agriculture, natural disaster prevention or energy efficiency. This year, I have noticed a greater interest towards healthcare applications for medical prevention such as diabetes monitoring or heart problems.

We believe in performance and we want to encourage young people to use their imagination, passion and creativity to achieve technological innovations that could bring a positive change in the society.”, said Zoltan Herczeg, Presales Manager Business Solutions at Star Storage and Jury member for Programming section within Infomatrix.


About Infomatrix

Infomatrix is organised by Lumina Educational Institutions Foundation with the purpose of organizing educational activities at all the levels of the structural architecture of the Romanian educational system. Since its inception, Lumina Educational Institutions Foundation has actively involved in supporting students with outstanding performances through its scholarship programmes, among whom can be found numerous medal winners in both national and international competitions.

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