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Stop COVID-19! Work DIGITAL with ZERO risks

Stop COVID-19! Work DIGITAL with ZERO risks

Stop COVID-19! Work DIGITAL with ZERO risks

Given the general context generated by the spread of the Covid-19 virus, as a global provider of IT solutions and services for digital interaction, we would like to inform you about the vital benefits of working with digital documents and, equally, to support entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized companies with concrete measures to ensure business continuity, even in difficult situations such as this.


Throughout the entire duration of the Coronavirus crisis, we provide you FREE OF CHARGE with the SEAL platform for managing electronic content and increasing productivity by working with digital documents and electronic workflows.


What is SEAL?

SEAL is a next-generation software solution for Content, Records Management, Archiving and Information Governance covering both productivity and cost-cutting related use cases (moving to digital, paperless processes) and compliance and risk reduction related use cases (unified information governance, compliance with GDPR and other regulatory).


Key features provided by SEAL:

  • Information capture with advanced options powered by AI (artificial intelligence) and automatic metadata extraction;
  • Intelligent Content Management – supporting user productivity with functionalities like storing, searching and retrieving, navigation and security, viewing, sharing, classification, flexible metadata;
  • Enterprise Records Management – supporting compliance and risk management with retention management, file plan, controlled disposal and updates, advanced audit;
  • Hybrid Archives Management – unified management of paper and electronic archives in one single interface;
  • Smart workflows and approvals – supporting essential workflow and collaboration features.
  • Electronic Signatures – for full paperless processes;
  • Digital mailroom – Document processing for fast, automated processing of incoming and outgoing paper-based and digital documents;
  • Multiple Integrations with enterprise applications (SAP, Salesforce, SharePoint, Office, Outlook) and advanced APIs to connect with any external application.


What is included in the free package?

  • Access to the SEAL platform delivered as a cloud service from our own data center;
  • Up to 50 users and 100 GB of storage space included;
  •  Predefined standard metadata schemas for the usual documents;
  • Quick remote training is done by Star Storage experts.

The advantages of SEAL delivered as a service from CLOUD:

  • Service available immediately – its delivery is made from the Tier 3 Star Storage Data Center, located in Bucharest;
  • Ease of use and quick adoption – no specific training is needed from your internal IT team;
  • Quick scalability of the application according to your needs, without disrupting the current activity;
  • Easy integration with existing applications using open standards (CMIS, REST API);
  • Mobility and remote access to the electronic archive – native clients for iOS and Android;
  • Financially guaranteed SLA so you can focus without worry on what matters;
  • 24x7x365 technical support provided by a local team of experts.

Why work digitally?

Using SEAL platform brings immediately an extensive set of benefits including:

  • Business continuity leveraging document approval by the decision-makers in electronic format;
  • Permanently auditable electronic processes and compliance with legal requirements and regulations;
  • Reduce the spread of the virus by limiting the use of the paper and implicitly by limiting the touch of the paper support by an extensive number of people;
  • Protect company personnel, by limiting exposure to risk factors, such as physical presence in the company or touching the paper documents;
  • Remote collaboration with business partners or between employees in a secure, traceable and structured way leveraging advanced functionalities such as collections of digital documents;
  • Ensuring an adequate level of trust from clients, employees and the business environment regarding the organization’s ability to adapt to the new way of working.

Start using for FREE our SEAL platform and work DIGITAL with ZERO risks!

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Stop COVID-19! Work DIGITAL with ZERO risks

Stop COVID-19! Work DIGITAL with ZERO risks

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