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Large data repositories from now to future – part 1

Recent studies showed that 70% of data generated by users is unstructured data which needs to be stored in data repositories and managed by enterprise IT software. Also, yearly there is an approximatively 60% data growth of this unstructured data which forces all size companies to look for efficient data storage options as it generates multiple issues both for the technical storage staff and also at business level affecting most applications performance and user experience.


Moreover, the continuous data growth and the need to build applications around it created the necessity to define a new set of golden rules regarding your data repository architecture.

Today we will present you the first two

  • Use an easy to increase, secure storage. The continuously growing data creates the need to also increase the storage size that stores that data, but that becomes a problem when you have on top of your repository multiple applications which are massively used by users. Using multiple storage devices sometimes offers a temporary solution, but it complicates the IT architecture and also the storage maintenance process. In this case the actual best choice for your environment is to use a secure, resilient storage device and not multiplying or complicating the IT architecture.
  • Protect your content from unplanned content deletion or content alteration.  Normal storage options does not offer the possibility to protect stored content as applications don't enforce retention policies at content level, most of them keeping the retention only at application level with no actual protection at content level. Therefore this problem can be avoided using a WORM device and enforcing retention from application level at content level.

Luckily, solutions to cover the above storage requirements already exist on the market and one of the best solutions is to use the Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) from HDS which can solve the storage related problems (resilient, secure, backup-less WORM environment). But only having one of the best storage options does not solve entirely your problems as there is a need to use specialized connector to link a data repository with HCP storage in order to truly benefit from all the features that HCP platform offers.


Stay close for the other golden rules and our connector recommendations.

We will post them next Wednesday.